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Anti bullying books for children: The Principle Gang Series & Giveaway

This is  a review for The Principile Gang book series

Anti bullying is a topic that has become so important to discuss because unfortunately it has become too common in our schools. One of the most effective ways to prevent bullying is to teach them when they are young. If kids learn to accept each other and speak out about others bad behavior when young then that carries with them through the years beyond. Having a book series like The Principle Gang helps us start that conversation with our kids and teach them using characters and stories they can relate to. I have read Book One: Don’t Judge A Lizard  By His Scales and Book Two: Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway. Let me give you an overview below.
Book 1: Don’t Judge a Lizard By His Scales

Danny is the Wizard Lizard who wants to be friends with Bli the Fly, but Bli’s mother is a bit nervous about this friendship between her fly child and a Lizard. So Danny goes on a fly-free diet to try to prove to Bli’s Mom that he should not be judged because of other Lizard’s actions. Bli’s mother allows him to attend a movie with them so she can get to know Danny and hopefully approve the friendship. They are confronted by the Lousy Lizard Gang at the theater and have no idea Danny is a Wizard Lizard until he puts the moves on the Gang. As Danny stands up to the bullies to defend Bli and her mother, he gains the respect he deserves from her. There is more fun in this story and is a great lesson in anti-bullying, prejudice and friendship.
Book 2: Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway

Danny and Bli are recognized by their school counselor for their anti-bullying display and are sent to an anti-bullying conference in New York City. They go an adventure as Bli’s mother drives them through New York City. At the conference, the Principal Gang as they are now called share their three rules for preventing bullying. They end up leaving with over 100 new members having signed up to be a part of their Principal Gang. This book continues the lessons about anti -bullying, prejudice and the value of friendship. This is my son’s favorite book as the two unlikely friends have to maneuver through the big city. The illustrations are fun and the characters are relatable.
The Principle Gang is written by Dan Dugi, Jr., M.D. and Bli Marston Dugi MPA-C (get the relation between theirs and the characters name? 
You can find these books and start the anti-bullying discussion with your children at
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win Book 1 & 2 form the Principle Gang series as reviewed above. Open to US and ends 9/12/204. Enter below & good luck!

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Disclosure: Parenting healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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