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Alternative Options to Ending a Pregnancy

Alternative Options to Ending a Pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant or might be pregnant during an uncertain time can be scary. You might be with a person who has expressed that he does not want children. Perhaps, you’re at the peak of your career, and you feel that having a child might be a bit inconvenient. Whatever the reason is that you’re considering ending your pregnancy, you should know that other options are available to you. The following are some alternatives that you might want to consider before you take steps to end your pregnancy:

Rediscussing It With the Father

You may not be correct in thinking that the child’s father does not want to have him or her. You always have the option to go to him and have a straightforward conversation with him about your pregnancy. Never assume that a man does not want a child unless he specifically tells you that, and he seems adamant about it. Even then, the subject deserves another discussion before you move forward. Speak to him again, and be sure that he doesn’t want any children. Even if he doesn’t, you still have the right to have a child if you so desire. 

Adoption Processes

Another alternative option is to consider giving your child up for adoption after you deliver him or her. Many people in the world have fertility issues and would love to care for a newborn child. You can consider giving those people the gift of a child if you think you can’t handle the responsibility of raising a child. People are searching for newborns and infants all the time. You will most likely find a family quickly, and that family might even be willing to take care of you during your pregnancy. 

Help From Family Members

You never know which one of your family members might be willing to help you raise your child either. Your mother and father might be overjoyed about the possibility of having grandchildren in their lives. Perhaps a brother or sister might share the bulk of the responsibility with you. Assess your family members and friends and talk to them about your situation before making any hasty decisions. You might be surprised at how quickly family and friends pull together for you to ensure that the miracle of childbirth goes smoothly for you. Don’t assume that these people won’t chip in for you if you have a situation. 

Abortion Pill Reversal

Technology has evolved in the medical field. Now, there are alternative options for you, even if you’ve attempted to terminate your pregnancy early in the process. Abortion pill reversal is possible if you have taken the “abortion pill” already. The pill is designed to counteract the abortion pill. It has been proven to be successful in cases where women have taken the first pill but not the second. It has a success rate of 64 to 68 percent, which is a very high percent. You can think about obtaining one of these pills and trying to continue your pregnancy that way if you change your mind about wanting an abortion. 

It’s Your Right to Choose

You have a right to choose how you want to handle your pregnancy. However, you should be aware of the alternatives available to you if you want to proceed with your pregnancy. If you need to talk to someone about your options, there is a wealth of counselors and advisors in practice. You can schedule a consultation with one of them to talk about how you can move forward with your child and still thrive. The consultation will most likely be free, and then you can take it from there. 

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