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Allergy Season Throat Relief with Go Gargle and $20 CVS Gift Card Giveaway

This is a review campaign with Mums the Word Network and GoGargle! All opinions are my own.

Of the 5 of us in my family, we all suffer from seasonal allergies to some extent. The older 2 boys will get irritated throats and sometimes the congestion and watery eyes become a problem. My husband, youngest son and self suffer the worst. We get nasal congestion-even sinus infections-and that always comes with an irritated throat. Typically, it starts with the sore throat and that is how we know the other symptoms are coming from runny noses to feeling lethargic.

Growing up, I was always handed warm salt water to gargle for my throat as we all have heard of this remedy and it actually was very effective, but like my son I hated the aftertaste. The weather in Wa. State has been very abnormal and the allergy season this year was worse than ever. It is predicted to stay this way perhaps over another year. I need better options to stay ahead of the discomfort and GoGargle is something I just tried and will now keep on hand at all times!

GoGargle is available at CVS and other retailers and with added mint, honey, aloe and chamomile the taste is so much better than just plain salt! Not only does the added natural ingredients give GoGargle a better taste than standard salt water, it adds soothing properties that are so effective. 

I woke up the other morning in an 80 degree heat wave with a sore throat and watery eyes because that’s just the way this allergy season is going-odd and random! I remembered I had GoGargle and that was my chance to put it to the test. It is so effective I wonder where this has been my whole life. I even turned to my husband and said that I think I need to become an ambassador for GoGargle because nothing I have ever tried brought relief so fast and pleasant that did not require having to digest medication and other ingredients I do not want. I also love CVS, so I can get it while there shopping.

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1 lucky reader will win a $20 CVS Gift Card and GoGargle! Enter below-open to US. Ends 6/19.

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