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All the ways Sverve will benefit your Blog

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Are you a SVERVE member yet? If not, you are missing out on so many benefits to registering your Blog. Sverve offers campaigns, a post sharing platform and affiliate platform all in one. I have made many visits to Bloggers profiles to follow and endorse and I do not see many of you set up to utilize this network to your advantage. The number one thing I notice is the lack of posting many of you are doing. Did you know that when you write a post on your Blog you can share that post on Sverve? Many times Sverve will choose your post to tweet our from their accounts and others have the option to visit and share as well. Sverve is a source for incoming traffic for you. It is not just a community. Utilizing all that the sight has to offer will help your score and that score will help you gain campaigns. So let’s get started….
Sverve considers several factors in determine your Influence score and it changes frequently. It really starts with your own efforts. Your Alexa, Google Page Rank and Blog stats are a factor on your influence score. The more active you are on your site, the better this weighs in your favor. 
Your social influence also is a factor. Sverve takes into account your social media followers and engagement on each platform such as Facebook and Twitter.
The 3rd factor is your engagement within the Sverve platform. When you register with Sverve you get to choose areas of influence. Your overall score takes the number of followers you have as well as the endorsements and activity from your posts you share on Sverve that fall in your top 3 areas of Influence.
Every time I write an informational post on my Blog, I open up my Sverve account and submit that post. I then go and LIKE or SHARE a few others submitted work. Remember, you are scored on your engagement. Although not required, I always reciprocate 3-4 others for each post of mine I submit.
Informational, How-to and parenting posts do best and seem to be shared most often on this platform. Never miss the opportunity for 10,000 users of Sverve to have access to such posts of yours that could bring you new readers.
You plug your posts into Facebook, Pinterest and Google, why not plug it into a platform that not only will make it available to Bloggers but to brands who are advertising paid campaigns. If you apply for a campaign and your profile of shared tips or posts is empty, how will a brand know your writing abilities?
On the upper menu of your Sverve account is a tab labeled campaigns. It is pretty self-explanatory. You can browse active campaigns and apply for them. Some offer money which will be paid into your Sverve bank and released to you by Sverve every Saturday so long as you have a $5 or more balance.
Sponsored Shares are a sub-menu under campaigns. From time to time you may notice sponsored tweet or share campaigns. They don’t tend to stick around long and earn you for your pre-written share so check often for opportunities to show up here.
Pinterest Sweepstakes is another sub-menu area. Here you can browse current Pinterest giveaways from brands. Promote them on your site and get paid for everyone who enters through your unique URL. The best way to utilize this is write a Giveaway post. Insert the tracking URL to direct them to the Giveaway page and then add it to your list of ongoing giveaways if you have one on your sidebar. 
As of 3/12/2014 Sverve announced its YouTube campaigns. You get both a tracking widget you can place on your Blog AND a unique URL. For every person who views the video from your site, you get paid. You can read more on this new feature at
Furthermore, on the first Wed of every month there are Webinars offered at 9pm EST to help Bloggers Blog better! Keep an eye out on your emails for these as they are announced.
To get started on Sverve today, go Register and make sure you complete your entire profile. It is what brands see as you apply for campaigns! Then connect with me, I’ll follow you back!
Disclosure: This is only an informational post. No sponsorship was made through this post.

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12 thoughts on “All the ways Sverve will benefit your Blog”

  1. I like sverve, although I haven't gotten many campain offers and then when I get an offer, suddenly the company has run out of money to fund it. So it seems to always fall through.

  2. I can't believe I've never heard of this! I spend hours and hours a day online and am so excited to sign up! I'm on Pinterest reposting giveaways all the time and it would be awesome to do a post with all the referral links…for cash!

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