All About China teaches culture to your children

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All About China
Stories, Songs, Crafts and More for Kids
by: Allison “Aixin” Branscombe
I have another children’s book review that teaches culture and a bit of history. Lately I have been focusing on books with this subject as I have a son in first grade and it is the one subject not taught yet at this grade level. I really feel this is such a great age for them to learn about countries and culture as I know my son asks and is intrigued by how others live. All About China is a perfect book to teach and get crafty with an entire culture. We read through the chapters first then started at Chapter 1. He seems to be fascinated by how a country is run and he guessed China might be run by a King and Queen, but he learned that is not true. China has a President, but the people of China do not vote. It is an elite minority that does. He was pretty interested in learning more. 
All About China is packed with stories, facts, colorful illustrations on every page, cultural insights, activities and more. You will read fun stories about legends, folk songs and even the origins of the Moon Goddess. You can try to solve a tangram shape puzzle and even learn about the twelve zodiac animals. Whatever desires your child in the subject of culture and history will be found in this book.
We are so inspired by what we are learning, we are ready to learn about a different culture now!
Learn more and get a copy today! Make reading time at night engaging and educational!
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