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*Alert! Our U.S. Foods GMO Crisis…What Is GMO?

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Bear with me as all this information is necessary for you to understand GMO’s….

I was recently invited to watch a documentary: Genetic Roulette-The Gamble of our Lives on the crisis we have right now in our country over GMO foods. I am sure you have heard this term as well as the debates over these types of foods, but do you really understand what the fight is about? Do you really know what GMO is and the effects it is having on all of us…including our unborn? I had not truly understood it. Then I watched this documentary. This was very educational to me and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is hard to get the same impact through to you as a reader like I had watching it, but I cannot help to look at what I eat and what I serve my children the same way again. I think of my sons bad allergies and my husband suffering to breath as he also gets bad sinus reactions and all of us complaining of this “blah” feeling all the time. I think I know the answer. I now know what I will now do for my family and see if there is a difference. I pass on to you, this and be prepared to drop your jaw as I did……

What is GMO?
Genetically Modified Organisms. It is when a gene from one species is introduced in a lab to the gene make up of another species. Such as inserting insecticides and herbicides into our crops. You swap genes which in turn creates a whole new organism. Now go back to science class here for a moment…. This gene swapping creates mutations in the DNA (remember that DNA chain from science class? Cut a chunk out anywhere along the chain and replace it with a foreign gene). With me? This only produces new toxins, allergies and carcinogens. The effects of these inserted genes and their proteins are foreign to this chain and could result in inflammation (remember this for the next paragraph).

Effects of GMO when we consume it
GMO Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis-a soy bacterium that rips open an insects stomach when ingested and kills them). We consume these Bt sprayed products and as now known that Bt stays active in a living plant it too can enter our system and break open tiny pores in our intestines causing leaky intestines. This is an epidemic and being seen hugely by pediatricians in our small children. Leaky intestines causes 2 bad effects…
1) Food enters our bloodstream too soon before reaching the flora digestion stage. Without the exposure to our flora, the food never reaches the stage where it is broken down to disperse nutrients we need.
2) To have food particles enter our bloodstream this soon will cause our body to sense a foreign gene sequence. It has never seen this organism before-it is foreign-so it attacks creating an inflammatory reaction.
Now think of these new and rising epidemics we have in the U.S. By the way the U.S. has the sickest people and we are getting sicker. Diseases related and directly linked to symptoms of inflammation-diseases that were not a huge issue until GMO was introduced in 1996 into almost all foods we consume (and yes, including our pets foods) are diabetes, cancers, heart attacks, digestive disorders, Alzheimer’s, autism, allergies, thyroid disease, kidney disease and autoimmune disease. See a connection yet?

Independent Studies
Long story short….studies are not supported by USDA (Why? They hold stakes in the companies supplying insecticides-the big one is ROUNDUP) they will not release the seeds so farmers, scientists, professors and medical physicians from all over the world conduct their studies in argument. It is alarming to meet and see a scroll of names of these people who as a result of speaking out lost jobs, funding and in some areas even physical attacks leading to paralization and injuries. NO joke–you can hear their stories in this documentary and it is real! Farmers who were using GMO corn and alfalfa who were having reproductive issues, premature aging and death and hostile personalities in their livestock were told by veterinarians and scientists to remove all GMO feed completely. In all cases-within days there was dramatic differences in the animals moods and in long term the reproductive issue and sudden death ceased completely. In one recent study in India-9 cows were split. 6 got Bt feed and 3 did not. With 9 months the 6 Bt fed calves were deceased. The 3 remaining are alive and active…Um? Wow! GMO is a product to push-an insecticide farmers buy to kill weeds and insects in a non enviornmentally-conditioned way for quicker results. It is money for a product and that is it! Farmers now see what it is doing to their livestock, vet bills and decline in animals. It does not benefit anyone. It just brings in money and to speak out causes risks.

How do we eliminate the unnecessary GMO?
The largest consumer of foods is Mothers! About 80% of grocery shoppers is women. If we refuse to buy this product, food brands are forced to change marketing strategies (remember the vaccines we were to inject into foods as a preservative-us consumers nipped that in the bud. Remember the IGf additive in diary that was linked to cancers…we as consumer forced many companies to keep us as consumers by promising non IGF additives in their dairy such as Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s commitment to not buy these GMO’s). We can do this with our GMO crops. We can force brands to avoid GMO corns and soy by joining the 400 brands and growing who are on our side and not using GMO products in their recipes. The fight is led by the GMO Project and non-profit organization committed to educate the public and food brands on the side effects Americans now have from consuming GMO foods. They stamp products they verify and back as those committed and you can look for the stamp below on products you want to make sure they do not use GMO. Consumers are asking for non-GMO brands and they are listening!

How do you avoid GMO foods?
It is real simple!! Buy organic and look for the GMO project stamp or GMO free labels. Like I mentioned above you will see more and more brands allowing this change as we consumers demand it. We can join in families of children with severe allergies and autisms that have had remarkable improvements and seen an elimination of these issues within weeks of removing all GMO products from theirs and children’s diets!

Avoid: Soy, Corn, Cotton Seed (in oils), Canola Oil, Sugar from sugar beets, papaya, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, Alfalfa and Aspartame. It is challenged that you Google Aspartame symptoms and camp out a while reading the long list and you will never eat Aspartame again!

To see a list of GMO free foods, go to Non GMO shopping guide to see the brands and foods you can buy to avoid GMO’s. We are sick and getting sicker-our bodies, our infant formula and foods we eat everyday are making us sick. We need to speak up and stop supporting GMO products until they no longer can exist! I will be going through my cupboards and tossing a lot of foods and starting over in my shopping habits and will keep you informed on my families health and if I see the same dramatic results.
This is real!

To learn more about Farmers fighting for consumers: Go HERE!

Author: Erinn Sluka

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7 thoughts on “*Alert! Our U.S. Foods GMO Crisis…What Is GMO?”

  1. Such an important topic. I'm worried that people won't realize its truth until it's too late. We are growing our garden with heirloom non-GMO seeds this year.

  2. This is information that all Americans should have and it’s really sad that eating organic is the only way to avoid GMO’s. That means that people with lower food budgets won’t be able to avoid them completely. The FDA needs to get on the ball with this issue.

  3. Im floored by how many people think GMOs are no big deal. Sure, it's a huge lifestyle change to make non-GMO a priority, but aren't we (and our kids) worth it?

  4. That was my exact thought! Wic feeds over 2 million infants and the only choices of formulas on the plan are the ones who have anywhere from a 42-68% GMO levels! Scarry!!! What else do you do?

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