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Al the Owl RecordablePal for baby and toddler

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Al the Owl RecordablePal for baby and toddler

If you are a parent or have been around babies and toddlers, you know that there is nothing more soothing and reassuring to them like Mom or Dad’s voice! Whether baby is in their crib trying to fall asleep or spending a night at Grandma’s so you can get some alone time or a getaway, we are not always with them at times that can be unsettling for them. Hearing your voice is the soothing sound they need to remember you are still near even if not physically! The RecordablePal by Elli & Nooli is the perfect companion for them.

The RecordablePal allows you to personalized a message, song or story in your voice for baby or toddler. It is a NPPA Silver winner and was awarded the 2014 Family Choice Award. With record and play buttons on the wings and volume buttons on the feet, your voice is just a press of a button away for them to hear. Once you press play, your 20 second or shorter recording will cycle for 30 minutes. That gives the appropriate time for them to feel settled and calm down to the sound of your voice.
My cousin’s baby has been in a facility recovering from his June 2013 near drowning and he is almost stable enough to be able to go home and have his own place with Mom back so he can keep healing. I have flown from Seattle to Los Angeles twice to see them since the accident and I wish I can get there more often to smother him with hugs and kisses (an my my cousin too). We grew up together at only 6 months in age apart as kids and I miss her a lot. I hate seeing her struggle so far away. When the Al the Owl arrived, my son says “Mommy. Can I record a message for Eddie? We can mail it and he will like to hear our voice!” We were thinking of who we can gift this too and it melted my heart he though of Eddie. We have a 20 second recording time and my son wanted to read Goodnight Moon to him on recording. The book is longer than 20 seconds, so he recorded his own version for his little cousin. We boxed it up and mailed it out! Now Eddie has Al the Owl RecordablePal in a soft plush waiting at home for him when he reaches that long awaited milestone of leaving a facility!
What special moment could the RecordablePal from Elli & Nolli make even more special? Would baby fall asleep easier? Would a distant relative love hearing your voice?

Find Al the Owl RecordablePal at retailers like Walmart and online.
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