Adya Clarity: Do you know what is in your drinking water?

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When you need water for a refreshing drink or your baking needs, where do you fetch that water from? Do you use tap water, fridge dispensers or filtration systems? A proper filtration system gives you healthy drinking water, but if you use a non-quality pitcher or tap water you may be getting more than just water in that glass. You may be getting unhealthy particles and not enough minerals. We hear all the time that drinking more water is the healthy choice, but it needs to be a healthy water. Drinking more harmful particles is not a healthy option for anyone. You may even be suffering from the consumption of unhealthy water and have yet to link that to your symptoms. Let me explain what may be in your water and how you can start consuming a healthier water from now on.
The bad about tap/unfiltered water
  • Heavy metals such as arsenic. The EPA sets standards, but that means there is still arsenic 10 parts per billion (10 parts too many)!
  • Flouride: did you know it is as poisonous as arsenic and more toxic than lead. It is is your tap water and for no scientifically proven reason. We get enough in other properties such as toothpaste for our teeth, we don’t need to be consuming it with every water use!
  • Cholirine: we do need it to kill certain bacteria, but it a biological way inside the body it damages cells. 

How about we filter the water to free it of bacteria and dilute out the chlorine. Much better than taking a sip of chlorinated and flouride-rich tap water. Yuck!

What you need from water

We have all heard that drinking water gives us the minerals our body needs to thrive. Our body needs minerals for bone growth, nerve and muscle function, metabolism and so much more. Here is the reality- if you drink standard tap water then you would need to consume about a bathtub full a day to get those amounts of minerals your body needs. Or you could always filter out the bad and add minerals at the same time with clarity products such as Adya Clarity from Water Liberty.
About Adya Clarity
  • Blend of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals
  • It cleans your water and rids toxins and adds beneficial minerals
  • Contains magnetic sulfate minerals that pulls contaminants away from water molecules and clumps them together (natural cleansing process)
  • Contains ionic sulfate minerals for strong and stable mineral bonds that don’t break down. 
  • Tested and proven by independent, EPA-certified lab results
With Adya Clarity you get clean water that contains complete minerals that are highly absorbable. You simply add recommended amount of drops to any amount of water from drinking jugs to the bathtub for soaking and let it sit for recommended amount of time. What you get is toxins clumped together that sink to the bottom and your healthy drinking water you can consume is left over.

Learn more about that water you drink and educate yourself on how to consume healthier water at http://bit.ly/1widwk2

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