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Adventures with Freddy the Penny children’s book

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Freddy the Penny
by Gabrielle Begun
Release: 11/9/2014
Freddy is a Penny who wanted to see the world. He escaped the coin factory and quickly found friends to share on his journey as he explores the outside world. He meets new friends and some enemies as well. All of the characters of the book from coins to the birds they come across speak and come alive in this story.
The Author teaches great lessons in family and friendships as your child follows Freddy and his friends through his adventures across the country to hopefully reunite Freddy with his family. The places they go would be typical of places you find lost or dropped coins-sidewalks, water fountains, etc.. 
The book is divided into very short chapters and the words are easy. My son is in first grade and read the book with very minimal help as an advanced reader. The chapters make it great as he is being introduced to chapter books at this stage of reading. We laughed and talked about Freddy’s adventures and it was my son who recognized the typical places you would find coins. If you have a child on your gift list entering Chapter books, this is a great start!
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