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AdoramaPix Customized Print Gifts
This Mother’s day I was able to gift my Mom a metal print I designed from AdoramaPix. I decided on doing a Grandparents sign and did not have a current picture with all the grandsons together. She has 6 grandsons-no granddaughters and so I decided to use a quote and upload a design for print off of my photo design program.
The print came packaged very well with a wood block to rest in for table display. I also ordered the wall hang device incase my Mom wanted to hang it. It was all there packaged together.


There are so many styles to choose from to enhance your photos and I chose the metal print. They infuse the image right onto the surface of a solid sheet of metal that is a look I truly appreciate and so did my Mother. The colors come out vivid and bright and every detail shows up.
Visit AdoramaPix to see all of the gift options for your favorite prints
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