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Adding flavor to life with Silk Dairy Free yogurt

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Adding flavor to life with Silk Dairy Free yogurt
Did your child hit about 7 years old and suddenly go through a separation anxiety like mine did this summer? My son has always been known as everyone’s friend and loves to socialize. He thrives on play dates and loves school. He turned 7 in May and almost immediately started a separation anxiety like never before. The first birthday party of the summer was a friend he loves from school at an indoor soccer center. He refused to play, hanging off of my arm the entire time. He tried to join in once and when he got bumped, yelled a a kid and quit and hid behind me. At cake time the tears started and a panic as he refused to enter the party room and was bolting for the door. This was so odd coming from the kids who would beg for cupcake time and want to lead the games. I googled and read articles only to find this is not uncommon. What did I do to break him of this?
I signed him up for many camps and scheduled lots of play dates at other houses. The play dates a friends house was never an issue. So I knew it must be crowds! I signed him up for a week long soccer camp where it was 3 hours a day M-F and I stayed because the drive was far, but out of the way at a table working the camp times. Day 1 took 30 minutes of coaxing. The next day would start the same-hesitant then I make him go out there and he has a blast. Vacation Bible school-with his friend-horrible! Day 1 I had to just upright leave after 30 minutes of him not leaving my side. I knew my presence made it worse so I sternly said I stayed longer than any parent, I will be back. Day 2-he refused to sit with the group again. I made him and he had a blast when I got back each day. Church camp number 2 last week-a bit better-at least I had the other camps to refer to and remind him of the good time to be had. Day 1 he let me go after 20 minutes, day 2 I pre-warned him I will only stay 5 minutes and he let me leave. That was the best time yet on a day 2!
So what helped transition him? Taking him out of his comfort zone in short spurts and making him face the fears and find his way to a good time. Without these camps he’s home and bored. With these camps, he faced his anxieties and had a blast with a lot of fun memories now. 
Sometimes to add a bit of flavor to you life, you have to step out of that comfort zone like my 7 year old did and find a way to turn the anxieties into an experience. I could have kept him home all summer because I didn’t want to upset him, but he looks back at all of these camps and his eyes light up when he tells Grandma or Dad about his time at camps and with friends. 
Silk Dairy-Free yogurt challenged me to help all of you find that bit of flavor in your life. To allow yourself the treats you deserve for reasons such as buying something you worked hard for without guilt, facing your fears by stepping out of your comfort zone or allowing yourself a dessert worthy to your clean eating all week-a little unhealthy is healthy sometimes, I truly believe. But wait! Delicious desserts can taste amazing and it doesn’t have to be completely unhealthy. If all you have is some yogurt and a chocolaty crunch, you can make a dessert you deserve and will love! 
Sit back, grab some Silk Dairy Free yogurt and your favorite mix or topping and give yourself a relaxing moment. I like a bit of crunch in my yogurt parfaits, how about you? How do you flavor your yogurt? I used chocolate graham crackers in our yogurt parfait!
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This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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