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Add this to your popcorn and salads – Award-Winning Parma! Vegan Parmesan

Coming from Southern Oregon is this dairy-free, gluten-free, gmo-free, soy-free, KETO, Kosher and Vegan parmesan you can shake onto salads, popcorn and more! Parma! is a superfood parmesan that was “established in response to a rapidly-growing need within the vegetarian marketplace for a breakthrough allergen-free parmesan alternative”.

We love sprinkling this on our popcorn for our frequent movie nights we’ve been having lately with our extra inside time. I love the Garlicky Green and my son likes it but now I see him mixing the Original with Garlicky Green because he says sometimes the garlic is too strong for him so by mixing them he says it’s the best flavor! It really has a great and robust flavor and for me, I love my popcorn to have this great extra flavor.

It comes in a shaker bottle and is perfect for on the go so don’t forget to stash one in your purse when you can head back to the theaters and shows again! I think they are great gift basket gifts for foodies.

Parma! comes in 4 flavors – Original, Garlicky Green, Chipotle Cayenne and Better than Bacon. Make sure you search their locator to find how you can find Parma! near you.

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