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Add Strolyy to Your Traveling with Baby Checklist

I am excited to tell you about this genius baby product I wish was available when my boys were younger! This is Strolyy and it’s job is to carry your car seat and provide storage to help you and baby get around. It is easy enough to pull out of your car and set up one-handed. This is why every parent needs to add Strolyy to their traveling with baby checklist.

Let’s get up and personal with the Strolyy….

This mesh is storage underneath and is big enough to hold a diaper bag, shopping bags and some. It then collapses like a camping chair to store.

Before setting up Strolyy, I wondered how well this small accessory can safely transport a baby in a car seat. It just looks like a square of fabric around some posts. As you can see this is very sturdy and has thick to extra-thick support in its design. There is a safety trap with latch for the car seat.

There are breaks, one on each back wheel that you engage with your foot.

The handlebars have a great ergonomic fit and they rotate when you press in the release button so you can position the handle to your best grip.

A few more thoughts…

Strolly takes the place of doing the dangerous ‘highchair upside down’ trick at restaurants. You can even use it grocery shopping and if you have a lot of groceries to get, use Strolyy to carry the car seat into the store and fold it back up to store at the bottom of your cart. You can position the car seat forward facing you or facing out.

Find Strolyy at

Strolyy conforms with all the standards under Federal requirement ASTM F833-15 for carriages and strollers. I was sent a unit for feature.

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