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Add Some Spice To Your Love Life with Vertellis

Even the strongest, healthiest relationships could use a little fine-tuning every now and then.

There’s a new way to strengthen your romantic relationships and love life and learn more about your partner – Vertellis Relationship Edition.

Vertellis is a card game that is not a game of competition, but of enabling discussions and bringing people closer.

This new edition is meant for all committed relationships. Recalling happy memories, discussing subjects that matter, and planning the future on a regular basis makes any relationship stronger. The kind of communication is the difference between a good relationship and a great relationship. All important aspects of your lives together are touched upon. This will result in more understanding, appreciation, and stronger connection overall.

The Vertellis game comes in a small box that you can take it with you wherever you go – So it’s easy to have it with you when the right moment comes up.

For Families

If your love life is in a comfortable place, perhaps you want more communication with the entire family. Whether it is conversation starters at parties or conversation around the dinner table that is lacking, Vertellis has cards for families too.

Order your Vertellis cards and journal today! It’s OK that they will arrive after Valentine’s Day because good communication should happen every day of the year. Find them at the Vertellis website and Amazon.

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