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Add a pop of Quinoa to your breakfast and recipes

This is a promotional post for Pereg-Gourmet

If you are looking for a change to you or your kids breakfast routine that promotes a healthier start to your day, Quinoa Pops offer a unique cereal product. My son started living off waffles, simply because cereal stopped being of interest. When I poured him a bowl of Vanilla Quinoa Pops, he loved the flavor and the texture was different and fun. I love the ingredients and he loves the taste. But, Quinoa Pops are not just for breakfast! He loves pouring some in yogurt, ice cream and to top smoothies.

Pereg Gourmet products have been around since 1906. Along with the Quinoa Pops, there are over 60 products from spices to pastas and more. The new Quinoa Pops cereal takes the ancient quinoa grain and brings them to breakfast. Quinoa is beneficial for a few reasons such as being rich in protein, high in fiber, contains iron, lysine and is high in riboflavin. Add milk and enjoy in the morning or sprinkle the quinoa pops on foods for a fun, sweet taste. Quinoa Pops are certified gluten-free, OU Kosher and compliment a vegetarian and paleo diet. There are only 10 calories per serving and they are low in sodium and sugar and no cholesterol.

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