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Add 5 servings of Fruit & Vegetables to your juice without the bad aftertaste! ADEG #Review

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I was sent sample packets of All Day Energy Greens (ADEG)-the green drink for review. I am a busy Mom and as hard as I try to eat balanced sometimes my days are so packed I end the day regretful of what I ate or didn’t eat. I am a picky eater and most supplements either have a bad after taste or the odor throws me off before it even hits my mouth. When I opened the box of the ADEG packets and saw the vegetable and fruit pictures on it, I thought “Oh my-I’m stuck now! I have to review this and not sure how this is going to taste!”. You can empty a packet a day into Water,  Juice or a Smoothie and mix. I chose some juice. I stirred and can still see residue, took a deep breath (Yes-I get that much anxiety over trying new things) and took a sip. It was good! Wow! Not only did it not change the flavor of my juice, but it almost enhanced it with more flavors. There was a bit of chalky residue, but I have yet to find a drink supplement that does not contain a bit. The residue was a bit noticeable, but without bad taste and it blends into the juice as I swallow the drink. It did alter my red juice to green, but I like the color green better than red anyways! Even my son asked for a sip and he liked it. No quivers or bad taste effects!

About All Day Energy Greens
  • 1 packet contains 5 servings of fruit & vegetables
  • Available in powder tub or single packets
  • Helps you to support your immune system, stay focused, gain energy and nourish your skin from within!
  • How? Supercharged ingredients rid acids which are hard to digest and make you gain/retain excess weight
  • Available at IVL products

If you want to add a supercharged regimen to your daily diet and gain a natural energy without the bad after taste, I am here to tell you as a very picky eater that ADEG is the product for you! At just around $1 a day, it delivers the Vitamin C & E as well as other benefits and you just add it to your usual beverage!

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7 thoughts on “Add 5 servings of Fruit & Vegetables to your juice without the bad aftertaste! ADEG #Review”

  1. Did he drink the whole thing or take one sip and do that "…….Mmmmmm, that was good! No, I don't need anymore though, thanks Mom!" thing? lol!

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