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#Ad Quick breakfast ideas for the entire family with Tyson Day Starts

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Does your family have different morning schedules?

I am a Mom to an adult who is not living in our home and a teenager, kindergartener and Wife to my husband. I am constantly looking for quick breakfast ideas! Why? Because our morning starts with my husband up at 5:30am, the teenager up at 6am, teenager leaves at 7am, husband leaves about 7:30am, kindergartener wakes up at 7am and I take him to school at 9am. 3 different work & school schedules means 3 different breakfast schedules. My husband has coffee for breakfast and I have never been able to break his bad habit of not eating breakfast! My teen will only eat if its quick and he can take it with him and the kindergartener eats anything! Me? I eat sometime after 9am when the house is empty and I can relax. Tyson Days Starts has found a way to insert itself into our morning routines and guess what? My husband took a bite of my Tyson Day Starts Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and I caught him making one for breakfast the other morning! Yay! Tyson got my husband to eat a breakfast!

Our 16 year old son went for the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit first. I knew he would and look-that is a yogurt and mocha-at the table-in front of the teenager! I think I heard Angels humming just then. Beats his ‘whatever he can grab’ or typical cereal breakfast and Tyson Day Starts encourages us to find a healthy item to pair with their wholesome products to start our day off full of protein and natural foods! I am proud that he will now #StartWithTyson on his mornings.
Our 6 year old will eat anything, especially paired with apples and he said he wanted the Egg, Sausage & Cheese Flatbread. Why was that his first choice? Because it was my first choice! I have a family of meat and cheese lovers and there is plenty of meat and cheese to satisfy in these breakfast products! The best part is the cheese and eggs are natural and the meat is Tyson-quality! No processed ingredients stuffed into that flatbread or biscuit! Guess what else Tyson Day Starts offers? 24-34% of your daily protein! I’m not kidding! You are truly starting your day off right when you consume larger amounts of protein in the mornings so that you are curbing those cravings throughout the day!
Are you wanting to know where you can head to right now to make sure your next Day Starts with Tyson? Walmart! That means they will be priced right. Depending on the item and package size, your Tyson Day Starts will cost you about $1.25-$2.50 a morning. Isn’t that about what fast food charges for their unnatural processed breakfast? OK, but fast food is fast, right? Can you pull off the road and get through the drive through in 70 seconds? That’s all the time needed to heat up your Day Starts. What’s your excuse now for trading fast food for Tyson Day Starts? 

Tyson Day Starts offer you sausages, flatbreads, biscuits and Omelets in several varieties. 

Take one more look at all of those REAL ingredients inside these Tyson Day Starts breakfast items, tell yourself fast food is not so fast anymore and get to Walmart! Tyson snuck its way into our household and it just may do the same to yours! A household of hungry bodies in the morning and breakfast dilemma solved!

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I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

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