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#Ad Make the 7 Minute Workout App work for you

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Johnson & Johnson official 7 minute workout app and #fitfluential

Make the 7 Minute workout work for you

Johnson & Johnson Wellness & Prevention division wants you to know that wellness and change can happen in as little as 7 minutes. If you are not a beginner then select a workout that lasts longer. You can even build your own workout. The 7 Minute workout App for Android and IOS is free and so easy to navigate! Anyone can get into this app and customize it with 2 simple questions. Your level of fitness and your level of intensity you wish for. Are you a beginner with high motivation or a moderate with little motivation? Whatever your fitness level, the 7 Minute App brings you a customized workout all rooted in science and developed and tested by Chris Jordan, creator of the original 7 Minute Workout. How great that a fitness expert can team up with a company such as Johnson & Johnson to bring an App dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals in a convenient way and on-the-go! 

7 minutes, on-the-go and an easy to use App! What is your excuse now? I use this app right before hopping on my bike for 20 minutes. Between the warm up that the app offers you, the workout, the bike ride of mine and the cool down the app offers I get a 30 minute workout that is showing improvements within me at a fast rate! 

Each exercise comes with video, voice coaching and a countdown. At 3 seconds it alerts you the exercise is nearing end. You can even rate that exercise right there. Turn the sound off if you wish or even skip that exercise if you wish. You can swipe the exercise and it will ask if you want to play music from your iTunes library!
The 7 Minute Workout App is divided into 3 sections as you activate the app. The first screen you come to asks you the type of workout you want and you can choose from 3…
  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Smart Workout
  • Workout Library
The 7 Minute Workout will be tailored to your settings. No equipment is required and you can do this on break in your own office with nothing more than a chair. The Smart Workout uses science-based coaching techniques in a workout that is a bit longer and more intense, but specific to you. The Workout Library allows you to pick a tailored exercise and intensity level. There are 5 easy workouts, 7 moderate workouts and 7 hard workouts that offer you a session for your core, sports, a mix or many other choices.
I like to head to the Workout Library if I am not going to run or ride that day. I can find my level and type of session I want. Now that I am familiar with the exercises, I can play my iTunes library with the workouts. Above, I chose the Core workout from the moderate sessions. Once I click on the workout, I get a preview of the exercises and the rest count with total session time. This way I can pick a session that is the length of time I desire. If in a hurry, I would choose a 7 minute or even the 8 or 9 minute workout in the beginner section. 

The information icon next to each exercise above lets you get a sneak peak with video on what that exercise is.

Johnson & Johnson and the 7 Minute Workout App belongs on everyones phone! You have no excuse! Can you really benefit from a 7 minute workout? Of course you can! 7 minutes of organized movements is better then 7 minutes on the couch. It encourages circulation and stress relief if you have a desk job and sit all day. It is motivating! I guarantee you that if you download the app because you only want to give 7 minutes and you stay consistent that you will sneak that time up. You will explore it more and choose workouts a bit harder each time because your body naturally wants to move and wants to be challenged. You will feel that motivation. The hardest part to change is starting! Knowing that 7 minutes will lead to motivation is huge to staying consistent. 

Download the 7 Minute Workout App today and stand up and move! 

Disclosure: I was provided a fitness pack for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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