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ABEtheMovie will bring out the Entrepreneur want-to-be that is hiding inside of you. Learn how you can help!

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What does being an Entrepreneur mean to you? Are you an Innovator? Are you at Stay at Home Mom looking to find a purpose? Are you full of ideas and commitment and wonder how to break out into entrepreneurship? ABEtheMovie is in the works and almost ready to bring you the inspiration you need. 
One of the best ways to become motivated to make a change is to hear real stories of others and how they incorporated this new change into their lifestyles. To see the answers to all of your questions played out in real stories from real people. You will relate to these people such as the Dad with daughters at home that took the leap into Entrepreneurship to make a difference for children in other countries who do not have clean water. His daughters have so much of the entrepreneur spirit already.
If you have the vision and are looking for the spark that lights that fire to make your dream a reality, then this documentary will help do that for you.
How can you help complete this film?

ABEtheMovie has been developed and filmed so far with the money raised. The rest of the needed funds are for post-production, marketing & promotion, release & distribution and events.
Helping by donations or shares will allow this film to become complete and ready for you or ones you know to gain that confidence and empowerment they need to change their lifestyle for the better.
  1. Contribute-there are some perks for you if you choose to contribute. 
  2. Share with friends, families and followers. Spread the word that they can become inspired to become Entrepreneurs themselves!
  3. Connect with ABEtheMovie on social media to stay up to date
Head over to and see the power about to be unleashed and all the links to help!

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