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Abe the Abominable Snowman Book Set

I was sent sample for feature
Before seeing the Goosebumps movie my son was not familiar with the Abominable Snowman. He is obsessed with the stories after seeing the movie and when I found this book set I knew he would love it as the Abominable Snowman book is his favorite from R.L. Stine. He know wants to collect anything related. As a book and plush lover, it is such a fun set. Abe is the snowman and the book features him in fun ways.

Having Abe to hold and hug while reading the story really enables my son to relate and be engaged in the story from finish to end as he wants to know what adventure his new buddy goes on.
Abe will teach you about friendship and family, love and decisions. A great Christmas Eve adventure. This makes such an adorable gift idea. A fun tradition is collecting Christmas stories. You can bring them back out each year and the kids love seeing them again. 
Find Abe: Have and Abominable Day story set at http://www.schifferbooks.com/abea-5700.html
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