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A Wedding Day Warning: Tips to Protect Your Gifts

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This past summer, my sister got married and I remember hearing about a warning on the news about a rash of Wedding crashers in this country on the rise. What are these Crasher’s doing?
They will blend into a reception or Wedding Party and steal gifts! If you think about it, it really is easy for them. During a wedding it is not uncommon for family or friends to help you take your gifts to a car for you, but would other’s nearby recognize them as your family? No one wants to make a scene and most guests would assume they were doing this as your favor for you!

How can you protect yourself?
  • Designate a trusted family member to be the gift table attendant. For my Sister’s wedding, we designated my Stepson and his GF because they do not drink yet and we knew they would recognize most guests. As soon as guests were done arriving, they took the cards and locked them up!
  • Have your table near a DJ or Bartender and give them a quick alert by pointing out who will be taking gifts away later on.They won’t mind speaking up if there is a question especially if you offer a bit of a tip! If anything, it is more of a deterent to keep gifts close to someone involved in the hosting
  • Have a box that locks or closes for the cards.Remove ASAP and lock up with a parent or trusted friend out of sight (trunk, locked changing room, etc…)
  • You can purchase a Wedding Insurance Policy that will cover damaged or lost gifts as well as other circumstances beyond your control from damaged Tux to lost wedding ring and costs as low as $155
  • Hire a Security Guard! Designate a friend or hire a professional Security Guard (like Guard Now is a website we found while planning the wedding) to not only oversee gifts, but pays attention to the parking lot, entrances and unruly guests
  • Be extra vigilant when hosting a reception or shower in a public place like a restaurant or hotel where it is easy to have minglers. Keep the table as far away from the entrance and closer to a back corner
The best security is to have a plan! Whatever it is that works with your budget and location, make sure you don’t oversee a gift attendant! can you imagine the devastation for the new couple?

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4 thoughts on “A Wedding Day Warning: Tips to Protect Your Gifts”

  1. Those are great tips! Thank you. I will be getting married on Sunday, a nd I am hoping that the people coming won't be so rude and cruel to steal It will be at an upscale place. Hopefully that will make it known to my mother and mother in law. It is awful the things that people do.

  2. Congratulations! Ours was with reputable crowd, but you never know and the Caterers brought sons and friends to help-didn't know them! Just took the worry away to designate someone.

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