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A reason to celebrate with Evolution Brut Sparkling Wine

I was sent sample for feature

On May 21st we experienced a blue moon. This event only happens every 36 months or so, hence the phrase “once in a blue moon”. A blue moon has 2 definitions depending on how it qualifies in the given calendar year, it is when 2 full moons occur twice in the same calendar month and also can the 3rd and 4th full moon in one season. Either way, the event of multiple full moons is rare and we chose to feature the Evolution Brut Sparkling wine from Sokol Blosser Winery in Oregon for your nighttime sky viewing of such events.

As parents, this is a great teaching opportunity as these moon events happen in the evening while they are home with us. My son is 8 and so intrigued by such events and we have even driven to park and open spaces to catch blood moons and other fun sky viewings. Below is a fun video I came across for children about the moon phases. This song is very clever in giving children all the facts in a tune they’ll want to learn:

So, why did we decide to feature a lesson about the moon and the most recent event, the Blue Moon?

As for you, once they are asleep and you are ready to celebrate the moon events and the lesson you just taught your children then sit back with your glass of Evolution Brut Sparkling wine and perhaps listen to some Frank Sinatra “Take Me to the Moon or Van Morison’s “Moon Dance”. Do the kids have blue rock candy sticks? They make fun additions to your glass of wine. However you choose to sit back and watch the evening sky, plan ahead and make it a celebration. Mark your calendar because the next blue moon will come in 2018. Read more about Sokol Blosser at

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