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A new level of about-me story books in the MyStories App

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This is a sponsored review for StoriesAlive

Summer is coming and perhaps it is time to think about the ways to entertain those kids in the hotel rooms, on road trips, plane rides or evenings on a camp site. Grabbing electronics is not the first thing that comes to my mind, however we all know that there are many of those times we need them to unwind, relax and keep the brains learning. Reading should continue in the summer, online lessons are great, too. StoriesAlive has a library of children’s books, workbooks and about-me books that can be personalized. What makes them unique is that this is not just a shelf of books, but a library of activities all centered around reading. StoriesAlive is the main library and the MyStories is within that library.
Features of Stories Alive
  • A Library of over 150 books organized by age (3-8)
  • Library also organized by genres (Fairytales, Poems/Rhymes, Mother nature, Classic, Animals)
  • MyStories-stories that you can insert images, create own story lines and record your voice
  • All books have option to auto play, Read to me or read myself the story
We had fun taking photos and inserting it into the (Boy) About Me book in MyStories. We recorded his voice reading the text and filled in the blanks with his information. What a great way to keep a child entertained as they search photos from your library or take new ones to use. They are easily dragged into the place they want. Filling in the blanks is as easy as clicking where you want to type then typing! You can re-do and fix mistakes in the text.

MyStories has grabbed the About Me stories and taken them to a whole new digital level. There are stories they can craft about their Grandparents as well. How fun for them to craft their voice into a book for Grandma or Grandpa! They can draw and color in places and even take video and insert it. Last, they can create ‘hot spots’ where they are able to designate spots on the page that when tapped make the sounds they choose or create!

StoriesAlive is available on iPad, nabi 2/xd and Android tablets. StoriesAlive was developed by the creative minds behind the Disney films Polar Express, Matrix Revolution, Spider-Man and Titanic to bring a technology that is engaging and easy to navigate. My son has no problem choosing, downloading and navigating through the features at 5 years old. I did have to walk him through it a bit, but he has the majority of it down. He just needs help if he needs to edit. 
The initial download is free and you get 6 free books. Monthly plans available from there.
To learn more, visit

Disclosure: I was provided access to StoriesAlive for the review. All opinions are 100% m y own. 

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  1. I am always telling my friends who buy their kids a tablet to look for an application that will make their children learn and not only playing games and this one seems to be a perfect one for recommentdation.

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