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A Mom’s Guide To Looking After Your Little Ones They’re Sick

When your little one isn’t feeling unwell, it can be incredibly worrying. Especially, when you don’t know what’s wrong with them. As parents, we constantly worry about our children, something that’s made worse when they’re sick. The problem is, it’s easy to overreact to things and want to take them to the doctors for every little cough and sniffle. Sometimes a trip to the doctor’s is necessary. However, most of the time childhood illnesses can be treated at home.
To help you ensure that when your child’s sick, they get the best care, I thought I would share the tips and advice that I swear by.
Do they have a temperature?
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Most childhood illnesses, from coughs and cold to chicken pox, come with a temperature. While most temperatures can be treated at home, sometimes if your child’s temperature gets too high, it’s best to call a doctor. It’s essential that you have a thermometer in your medicine cabinet so that you can keep an eye on their temperature if they get sick.
The first step in treating a temperature is giving your child painkillers. These should, hopefully, bring their temperature down. If however, this doesn’t work, and their temperature continues to rise, it’s best to seek medical advice.
Could a pharmacist help or is a doctor needed?
It can be hard to know when your child needs to see a doctor and when a pharmacist could help. As a rule of thumb, coughs, colds, upset stomachs, and headaches, should be dealt with by pharmacists. While conditions like vomiting, earache, rashes, backache, and tummy ache, should be dealt with by a doctor.
If your child needs to see a doctor but there are no appointments available, it can be worrying. However, you could opt to use an online doctor app to book an online consultation instead. These are great as a doctor will video chat with you via the internet, diagnose your child, and give you a prescription if needed.
Encourage them to rest
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Sleep is the best healer, so if your child is unwell, it’s essential that they get plenty of sleep. If your child doesn’t want to be in bed, make them up a bed on the sofa in front of the TV. While sleeping is the best healer, rest is just as important. If your child can’t sleep, just make sure that they’re resting.
Make sure that while they’re resting, that they drink plenty of water. It doesn’t matter if they don’t fancy any food, it’s just important that they’re getting enough water. If your little one doesn’t like water, fruit cordial can be another great option. If they do want to eat, let them have whatever they fancy – the important thing is that they’re eating.

It’s never nice when your child is sick, especially when you’re not sure what’s wrong with them. However, if you take note of the tips and advice above, you can make a sick child easier to deal with. It’s just a case of knowing the best way to help them feel better.

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