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A Heart Rate Monitor that offers comfort and Convenience

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When you think of heart rate monitors, do you automatically think about a plastic piece that straps around your chest? Those chest straps are typically associated with heart rate monitors because they were an essential component of the first monitors introduced to the consumer market. Those pieces detected and monitored heartbeats through the chest, and that was how the changing heart rate was monitored during physical activity.

Today, and other stores offering athletic tools and gear are featuring more strapless heart rate monitors. These monitors detect and monitor your heartbeat through your wrist rather than your chest. There are five reasons you should consider this advanced technology before you invest in a new monitor:

1. Comfort
Anyone who has ever worn a heart rate monitor with a chest strap knows that the straps cut into your skin and squeeze your chest. As you lose weight, you may find that the strap becomes too loose and stops reading effectively. These discomforts are annoying during physical activity and can slow you down.
2. Convenience
It is much easier and faster to strap a watch around your wrist than to strap a plastic monitor underneath your shirt. You can take the watch on and off in public, but women have to wear their chest straps until they find a private place for removal. It is much easier to use a heart rate monitor for unplanned workouts when you only have to turn on your watch to activate your monitor.
3. Style
The sports watches used to monitor a wireless unit are sporty and sleek. They add to your athletic style, and are easy to remove when you are going for more sophistication.
4. Accuracy
Strapless heart rate monitors are just as accurate as those with a strap as long as you shop for high-quality units from trustworthy brands. The pulse from your wrist is not much different from the pulse detected over your chest.
5. Simplicity
This is possibly the best reason to go for a strapless heart rate monitor. There are so many complicated things in your daily life. Your heart rate monitor should not add to that complication.

If it has been awhile since you purchased a heart rate monitor, make sure to look at all available models from well-known brands before you make your final selection. Keep the benefits of a strapless monitor in mind as you determine what fits your health and fitness goals best.

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4 thoughts on “A Heart Rate Monitor that offers comfort and Convenience”

  1. I use my heart rate monitor with a strap, and that strap can be so annoying. I'd love to have a strapless hrm. I will have to keep that in mind when I need a new one.

  2. I hate wearing a HR monitor, but I can't deny the improvements I've seen in my training since using one… But I'm always on the lookout for a more comfortable version

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