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A Healthy Pillow For Your Child

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When it comes to sleep there are several factors that ensure a proper nights sleep. Especially with growing kids, their sleep needs to be undisturbed and long enough for a proper reset. Having the right bedding for the weather and body temperature control and having the right mattress and pillow will help them sleep sound and with comfort. The Kidzooz children’s sleep pillows are designed to protect the natural curve of a child’s neck. This is more than a bedtime pal, but a bedtime comfort.
My son has the Chester the Dog Sleep Pillow. This is the original Kidzooz pillow and is made with hypoallergenic material. You can unzip the cover for easy washing and sanitizing. If you are a panda or a tiger fan you can choose those pets as well.


Kidzooz was designed by a parent and Chiropractor. He sees the damage from years of poor sleep habits causing symptoms such as neck pain. We all know that pain can come from sleeping on oversized pillows, stacking pillows or sleeping on arms of sofas and chairs. So many pillows or pillow novelties are overstuffed so there was a need for an ergonomically correct sleeping pillows that are fun for the kids. The design supports the neck in any sleep position-side, belly, back.
You can find Kidzooz Pillows at
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