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A healthy option for back-to-school drinks

A healthy option for back-to-school drinks

Anthony has started middle school. I am doing OK. I am just fine (sniff, sniff). On day one I put money in his lunch account because I know he was so excited that they were doing pizza and have a snack bar now at the middle school and he has been waiting for those famous slushies at lunch. As we were getting ready on day 2 he said he wants to pack his lunch. He said the lunch lines are long and he wants to make lunch instead of standing in lunch lines so looks like I am buying more lunch snacks and drinks.

I like when he packs a lunch because I know he is getting healthy choices. There is one bad diet habit he has and that is not drinking water. He truly hates the taste of water so flavoring water can get tricky because many options mean adding sugars and sweeteners. Then we discovered Hint waters a while back. They make great back to school drinks

HINT water for kids comes in four fruit flavors, Watermelon, Cherry, Blackberry and Apple. Hydrate your thirsty kids with our refreshing fruit-flavored waters that contains no juice, sugar or sweeteners.

HINT kids waters are available at, and at grocery and specialty stores nationwide. We have Hint waters available at our Target and Kroger branded stores. I also found it on Amazon. This is a long-awaited water for parents like me who struggle to get water down their kids with no other option but sugar juices!

Comment: Samples were sent for feature. Opinions are my own

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