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A Fun Way to Get Kids to Eat Healthier with Kidliga

This is a promotional post for Kidliga. Opinions are my own

With three boys, they all have their own eating habits. The youngest will eat anything-spicy, vegetables, seafood and I feel so blessed for that! The middle son is OK at most things-he is not picky but has a few things he will not eat. He likes the basic foods, but too fancy and he is skeptical. The oldest is 23 and still will look at food like its out to harm him! He was the pickiest-foods that can’t touch, no sauces and to this day still only eats sandwiches with meat and cheese and no condiments like mayo or mustard. I was that kid too and am still a bit like that! Luncheons can be my enemy when there are fancy foods that are not labeled because if I do not know exactly what something is, I don’t eat it! I was sent this Kidliga set to see just how this will work for all of you with kids you can’t get to eat healthy!
About Kidliga Dinnerware Set

The Kidliga sets come in blue or pink for your child’s preference. It consists of a fun illustrated porcelain plate, bowl and cup and the book: Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: the Search for a Balanced Meal. Each spot on the plate shows an illustration for each food group. As kids learn about the food groups, they can proudly begin placing a food item on each spot to guarantee they are eating a balanced meal. Together you can celebrate as each food group is eaten. 
The book that is included is a story of Sammie and Sax who are brother and sister (and the family dog) who go on an adventure to Quinoa in search of a balanced meal. You also get a guide and recipe at the end of the book. Furthermore, you can visit the website and download color pages, tips and more recipes. All together, eating healthier will be fun and worthwhile. 
To learn more, find free downloads and order your healthy eating set, visit Kidliga

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