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A Fun Review of TMart’s ABS Rainfall Colors Changing LED Shower Head

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I was recently sent the ABS Rainfall 7 Colors Changing LED Flash Light Bathroom Hand Held Shower Head from Tmart. I simply unscrewed our current shower head and screwed this one on. It was that easy. I have to admit, I stood there as I was home alone and just laughed for a while. I thought it was the most amusing item I have reviewed yet! I immediately thought of what type of person this would be fun to give to. Work white elephant, college dorm gift, wedding shower, the kids bathroom! My 15 year old looked at it and smiled-“Are you kidding me”? We had a blast with this. I know exactly who is getting this as a Christmas gift! The colors work simply by just having the water running. The water pressure is excellent and obviously you would want some thread tape to avoid leaks as with any shower head you are applying new. It is a water-saving head and so you keep in the standards of conserving your shoer water. Want to see the photos from my shower head?

About Tmart
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  • 90-day money back guarantee

The website is organized very well. You can easily spot the best clearance prices and their low-price gadget section is worth browsing! Aside from product categories, you can browse by New arrivals, Top Selling and deals.
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