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A Family Game That Teaches Math, Geography And The Electoral College

Family Game That Teaches Math

Perhaps you are thinking of ways to make learning at home more fun. Whether the kids will be back in the classroom or distant or home schooling it is always enriching to keep games and toys that teach available to them at all ages. Let me introduce you to Election Night, a family game that teaches math, geography and about the electoral college for ages 8+.

Election Night

There are 2 versions you ca play – addition or multiplication so choose your math and use the correct side of the board and page of the instruction booklet and dice that corresponds. You play as 2 players or 2 teams (one is Tea Red, the other is Team Blue). Now you can start to play this fun family game that teaches math – 2 ways!.

addition game

With the addition side you have dice and you find your own combinations that help you claim a state. With the multiplication game you have the added strategy cards and re-roll options. For both games the goal is to be the first to win the 270 electoral college votes. This (video) shows a great tutorial of how this game works. It is easy and so much fun. Tell the kids to put their thinking hats on!

ition Election Night

If the game loses its challenge there are several variations to add in giving each player many options to add, subtract and arrange the dice to help get different numbers, but remember each dice can only be used once in each variant. Visit Semper Smart Games to order your Election Night, the family game that teaches math, geography and the electoral college or you can also find it on Amazon.

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