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A Comparison on MMA Workout DVD Options

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There are many MMA workout DVD choices on the market and it can be hard to tell which one is the right
one for you. You want to get results and you want to get them in the shortest amount of time possible.
The majority of DVD programs are similar. They focus on a hardcore workout with cardio and strength
training. They even have a nutrition plan for you to follow. However, there are some notable differences
between all of them.

When you look at TapouT XT versus Insanity or P90X2, they all have some basic things in common. They
have workouts, a fitness guide and a nutrition guide. This is about where the similarities stop. I found that it
was easier to workout with TapouT XT because they actually included multiple MMA workout DVDs. The
other ones were very basic, not providing me with enough momentum to feel confident doing the workouts.

Yoga XT

P90X2 provided me with some basic meal plans to choose from but that was it. As for TapouT XT and
Insanity, both provided me with recipes. What I liked out TapouT XT a little more was they also included
a 10-day slim-down plan that allowed me to get faster results to help jumpstart the transformation of my
body, which was something I really wanted.

All of the programs focus on weight loss as a way to help see the most results. They not only help you turn
fat into muscle but they help to get rid of all of those unwanted pounds to begin with. The diets also help
with calorie intake to ensure you have the strength to continue with the workouts on a regular basis.

The entire program contents were important to me as well. P90X2 was the cheapest of the three programs
but it also included the least amount of supplies. Insanity and TapouT XT cost the same amount of money
but I got more with Tapout. They were giving me the slim-down plan, resistance and training bands and
much more.

As a stay-at-home mom, I had never been to the gym. I had no idea what I was in for but I was prepared to
get the results that the infomercials were showing me. The MMA workout DVDs looked like the best idea.
The fact that TapouT XT could be done at home without the use of any weights was ultimately the most
enticing for me.

Within the promised 90 days, I was able to see the results. The program was easy to follow and of all the
MMA workout DVDs on the market, I would continue to recommend TapouT to anyone.


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions and articles I choose are meant for the interest of my readers as determined by myself.

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