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A Care Package Idea for Hospital Patients

This post is sponsored by The Hospital Box an exclusively written by Parenting Healthy

Care Package Ideas

There are over 35 million children and adult hospital patients a year for various reasons from accidents to illness. Chances are a loved one or close friend has had a hospital stay this past year and you are likely to come across more loved ones visiting a hospital in the future. 
When I have endured someone I know in the hospital I struggle with some questions like- Is it appropriate to visit or is this a private/short stay? Can I send flowers to their unit? Is a teddy bear too corny for Uncle ‘Fred’? When you hear that someone is hospitalized you immediately want to do something. Have you though of a care package? These are highly desirable and now you don’t even have to struggle with how to put one together or even have to think hard about what to include. That is because The Hospital Box is easily available as a care package idea for hospital patients.
There are 2 ways you can order your own Hospital Box so it is available when you need it. I recommend buying one or two now and keeping them on hand. They do ship free and there is no minimum order, but not having to wait for it to arrive because you pre-ordered will get the gift to your recipient much faster. You can order directly from The Hospital Box website or from Amazon

In February, The Hospital Box is donating $1 for every box sold to the American Heart Association so now is the time to order a few.

The Hospital Box comes with all you need to prepare the box. You get:
  1. The colored Feel Better Box
  2. 21 decorative stickers
  3. 3 soft cotton bags for photos, notes, jokes, etc…
Need ideas of what to include in the box? The Hospital Box suggests some fun ideas:
  • Get Well Card
  • Gourmet Chocolates (if allowed)
  • Lotions (typically unscented is only allowed in some units)
  • Mini mirror
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Coloring books/pencils
  • Non-Skid Socks
  • Magazines
  • Lip Balms
  • Playing Cards
  • Puzzle Books
  • Travel Games
  • Breath Mints
  • Blankets/Wraps
How does the box work?
You simply gather photos and can decorate the outside of the box with those photos of fun memories and the provided stickers or some of your own art supplies to make it fun. Next, you fill the 3 cotton bags-each is labeled with an “Open When…” so things like notes, photos a joke, etc.. work well. Last, simply add gift items to the box. Once you have items and filled bags inside, put on the lid and get it to the Hospital! Can you imagine the look on their face when they see this custom box made for them? It will be cherished forever I am sure. 

February Special
Remember that in February only, your purchase helps the American Heart Association! Also you can save 20% on your box when you purchase at
Just use the code: PHFEB16 at checkout. Hurry!
Tell me, what would you include in your Hospital Box? Share below.

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