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A brief history of home exchange-Christian Home Exchange

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We all do some traveling in our own lives and probably the most expensive part of a trip is the Hotel! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a free place to stay and in a home where you can cook your own meals and possibly even be greeted by a ‘neighbor’ or local? Think back to times long ago when hospitality meant opening up your own home to others or even a stranger. Today we avoid too much personal hospitality unless it is for a close friend or relative because of the risks of allowing a stranger in our home. However, we can take it back to Christianity and allow that to be the platform to bring back the concept in a way that offers us the financial freedom to do more on our trip when we can take Hotel costs out of the equation. What’s the catch? While you are away-your home is being used in exchange. Kind of one of those ‘Why didn’t I ever think of that’ ideas when I first learned about it from the Christian Home Exchange Blog.

About Christian Home Exchange
  • A service of St Hans Ministry Exchange and is a non-profit organization
  • Trust that your home is being shared by paid members who support a Christian living environment
  • Stay local or exchange form many other countries
  • Bargain with your exchange family-perhaps you can lend each other vehicles which also helps you save.
  • Meet new families
  • A way to save money as you stay for free in exchange for offering up your own home

Once you become a member you not only can browse places available that match what you have to offer, but you can meet fellow Christians. You will get a guide to download to help you through the process and many other resources. I immediately looked into the risks and what I found is through this engaging process that by the time you leave your home to a stranger, you have really got to know each other. Communication happens frequently in the beginning as you discuss with each other what you can offer. You are near friends at this point. The first thought that came to my mind were ways to make it fun. I would love to visit a new country or even new area and leave each other a kitchen of food stocked with recipes. What a great way to experience a new culture by walking into a kitchen of local recipes and the ingredients in stock to make something new!
Still have questions? Visit the Christian Home Exchange Blog and read some helpful articles.
You can access the membership at a discounted rate right now, so hurry over and start mingling!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Ay opinions are 100% my own.

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