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8th Annual Ultimate Blog Party: Are you ready to party & win? April 4-11 2014 #UBP14

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You have seen Blogs all over Social Media and the Blogosphere. Behind these Blogs are people. Like me. We started our Blogs to share stories, tips, photos, products and more that we feel our readers will enjoy. Whether you have thought about starting a Blog of your own or have been Blogging for decades, this is the time to crab some coffee or tea, sit back and get to know some of us! We depend on connecting with you!
About Me

My name is Erin Sluka and I own the Blog http://www.parentinghealthy.com/. My blog contains product reviews, ongoing giveaways and healthy living posts. I aim to bring posts that help raise healthy, active & happy families!

 I am a wife and a SAHM. We live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy riding ATV’s, traveling and sightseeing around this gorgeous State of ours. The 2 older boys are my Stepsons and my husband & I have a 5 year old together. Raising 21, 16 & 5 year old boys is very busy. This year we had one hit adulthood, one began driving and the other started school! 

Besides maintaing boys, a husband and my Blog I will become an Author this spring. May is the target month for the release of my very first book. It is titled Love Should Not Hurt: Letting go of the pain to live in freedom. It is my story as a Domestic Violence Survivor and how that past has stayed with me today. It is a book about controlling your emotions and is meant for the Introverts like myself and the harmful effects that come with shutting down emotionally. It is safe to say that everyone can relate to this book emotionally either as an Introvert themselves or because they know and live with one. This is not just a book, but my way of giving back and helping others which is true to my nature.
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4 thoughts on “8th Annual Ultimate Blog Party: Are you ready to party & win? April 4-11 2014 #UBP14”

  1. Dropping in from UBP14. Love your site! I am a brand new blogger with two teenage sons and I'm having so much fun meeting other moms in the blog world. I will be back to read some more…

  2. Hi! I hopped over from #UBP14 my kids are 18, 19 &21 I can't imagine the age range you have! It is nice to meet you. Good luck on your book.

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