7 Ways to Feel Yourself Again After Having Your Baby

After nine months of carrying your bundle of joy, it’s not going to be a “walk in the park” returning to life without a little human in your belly. A lot of women find it hard to get back to the life they had before they were pregnant. Like all things, it takes time, but there are steps you can take to make that process occur more quickly and smoothly, so that you can get back to being you after having your baby.

7 Ways to Feel Yourself Again After Having Your Baby


An easy one is getting into a new makeup routine. You can give yourself a bit of a makeover so that you’re feeling more attractive. You can practically walk into any Sephora and get someone that would want to help you with this if you’re not the most makeup savvy. Taking beauty into your own hands is a great way to get back to being you, and even if need a little help to get there, it becomes a worthwhile skill that you can take pride in. If you’ve been waiting through these nine months for a baby girl, there’s no doubt that those makeup skills won’t come in handy later in her life.

Gym Membership

So, your body probably isn’t the same as it was while you were pregnant, and it’s probably not looking like it did before you were pregnant, so it’s not uncommon to feel a little weird in your own skin after a pregnancy.

One way to combat that is through exercising. Getting on the treadmill or doing some general weightlifting is great for toning those muscles and getting your body to a place that you feel comfortable with it. It’s also great for mental clarity and can help you get back on focus with your goals that you were working on before the pregnancy that you never got around to.


While you have that gym membership, it might be helpful to get into yoga. Many gyms offer classes for it, and it can be a calming experience that will help you move to post-pregnancy life.

What’s even better is that you don’t necessarily need that gym membership. You can find plenty of public yoga classes that make this easy. Many of these classes are run out of studios, or even in public parks, and a lot of them have fun themes, some of them that involve bringing the kids along too. It can help tone your body too which is great for post-baby life.

“Mommy Makeover”

If you just want to get the body stuff out of the way fast, then you could consult Dr. Chasan for what he calls a mommy makeover. If you look on his site, you’ll see the before and after photos from tons of women who have gone through this process. It can get your body looking closer to how it did before you started carrying, without as much of the time-consuming workout or yoga process. Don’t be afraid to give it a try, because for many women, getting your body looking how you want is the first step to getting yourself feeling normal in every other aspect of life.

Wardrobe Change

One thing you may have noticed after all of this, is that your pregnancy clothes won’t do it anymore. If you’re lucky, maybe the clothes from before you were pregnant will, but even then, those are clothes that were in style nine months ago. You might want to update the wardrobe at that point.

This is a great activity because you can get some of that retail therapy and help with getting to the look you want. Looking good is feeling good and getting a new wardrobe can be very helpful for that goal.

Eating Healthy

This just goes without saying. If you’re eating healthy, you’re feeling healthy, and feeling healthy is feeling good. Eating lots of vegetables can keep you energetic, focused, and mentally well. Get yourself on a well-balanced diet with all the food groups and it will improve those post-baby feels. This is also a great way to get yourself back to that pre-baby body. In conjunction with exercise, you’ll get yourself in great shape, which is very helpful for feeling back to normal.

Write the Story Down

Having creative outlets is always great for feeling like yourself. No birth comes without a good story, so writing down the story will give you something to focus on, that you can share with people who will appreciate it in the future. It also makes for a great memento so that you don’t forget a single moment from that special day.

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