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7 Killer Places for Kids to Exercise and Have Fun

It seems like the kids today do not want to participate in any activities that do not involve relaxing and their smartphone. There are now more options than ever for kids to exercise while also having fun. The times of children spending their extra time in arcades are over and it is time for a more active society. The following are great places for kids to stay active and exercise while also having fun.

7 Killer Places for Kids to Exercise and Have Fun
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Trampoline Park

The trampoline was something that either you had or a friend had as a kid. The only drawback about these trampolines was that there usually wasn’t much padding around it which could lead to injury. The fact that the main game people played was to bounce the other jumped as far off the trampoline as possible did not help in the slightest. Now there is a Las Vegas trampoline park among others throughout the country. This offers a safer experience with the perk of being able to enjoy it year round as these parks are usually indoors. Not to mention your kids will be exercising while having a blast in a room full of trampolines and appropriate padding.

Snorkeling on a Reef

Taking the time to take your kid snorkeling while you are on vacation can be an unforgettable experience. Not all water has the clarity appropriate for a great snorkeling venture though. The Bahamas are known for the clear water around the islands along with the vast wildlife that inhabit the reefs located around the country. Other tropical locales even have scuba lessons which are relatively basic. If you have ever want to explore a shipwreck, you might want to consider scuba diving for you and your children.

Play on the Beach

The beach is a great place for children to have fun as well as stay active. The fact that the sun can make it hard to see a mobile device makes this one of the best locations for your kid to get some exercise as well as some sun. There will be some kids who want to throw around the football while others will want to spend their time in the water. Others will want to walk the beach to see what they can find in terms of seashells.


Geocaching is locating specific hidden treasures that have been put there by people before you. There are multiple apps for this but it is a great way to get to know an area if you are new. The objects are hidden in an app and the GPS on a smartphone helps lead you to these. This will take quite a bit of walking as some of the treasures are hidden off of the beaten path.

Sports League of Any Kind

Signing your child up for a sports league can be a great way for them to socialize while staying in shape. Be sure not to push your child too hard in this league as this can be a great way to lead them to quitting. A mix of supportive as well as helping push your child is important and it might take a few tries to get it exactly right.

Take a Hike

Finding a great hiking trail is something that the entire family can do together on a weekly basis if the weather permits. Make sure that you get the entire family the correct hiking boots though. Not having these boots can make the hikes more dangerous as turning an ankle and falling are both more likely without the appropriate equipment.

Martial Arts Class

Enrolling your child in a martial arts class is a great way to teach them discipline while they can also have fun. Knowing how to defend yourself is also important even though we hope our children never need to use these skills. Test out a few different types of martial arts until you find something your child really enjoys.

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