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6 Reasons Why You would Need a Personal Emergency Alert Device like V. ALRT

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6 Reasons Why You would Need a Personal Emergency Alert Device like V. ALRT
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You may have heard of personal emergency alert devices and perhaps you think to yourself that as the elderly become less dependent, these devices were created for them. Do you conclude that alert devices are to give peace of mind to families who have an elderly family member or friend who still live independently? I always felt that about these devices and never gave much thought to the benefits they can bring to people of all ages.
I was able to take 6 reasons why you would need a personal emergency alert device based on suggestions from the V. ALRT device and share some with you. Like other emergency alert devices, the V. ALRT gives personal protection that works with mobile devices and can send texts and calls in an emergency. What makes the V. ALRT unique to the others is that it is multi versatile. You can wear as a wristband or a pendant and it works on both systems-iOS or Android with no monthly fees. You can customize the device, wear it and it is ready to protect!
6 reasons why you would need a personal emergency alert device 
  1. Kids School Safety: If your kids take the bus or walk home alone, there is no other peace of mind than arming them with an emergency alert device. They can easily check in with you or alert you to other activity as you customize within the app and the synched V. ALRT device.
  2. Connecting families: A V. ALRT in a purse or overnight bag will give an instant hotline to Mom or Dad if needed
  3. Fitness: Whether you leave home to jog the streets or attend a 24 hour fitness gym alone, the V. ALRT is your instant connection to family for alerts as you have access to the mobile panic button
  4. College: The most vulnerable time for your child as they become independent on a school campus. This device can be used as a panic button or instant hotline to parents and contacts close by
  5. Accidents: If ever you are alone with an injury and you need help, if the V. ALRT is on you then you have instant access to send a message to a contact or panic button to summon help.
  6. Medical Alerts: many conditions may leave someone feel homebound. You can customize the V. ALRT to get in contact with doctors or professionals while out running errands if you get stuck

Really, the possibilities are endless as to when it would be good to keep protected by a personal emergency alert device. Order your V. ALRT today and no fees are needed. Once it arrives, you can be connected in minutes!

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