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6 Reasons why I drink Jeju 16 Water

This is a promotional post for Sixteen Water
6 Reasons why I drink Jeju 16 Water

I am about to dedicate this entire post to a bottle of water! Why? Because if you think water is just water, then you have not tried and heard the story of the origin of Jeju 16 Water. I am not about to talk this water up only to tell you it costs a fortune. You pay about the same as the bottled water you probably already buy. I love this water! It has such a crisp and fresh taste! You have to taste it to know the difference.

Jeju 16 Water has a fascinating origin from the bedrock layers of Mt. Halla at Jeju off the coast of South Korea. The processing of this water does not take place in any way by human hands. The 6 Reasons as to why Jeju 16 water is different than any other marketed bottle water is below….

1. In all, Jeju 16 Water travels through 16 layers (1,400 feet) of purifying, mineral-rich 
    volcanic bedrock inside Mt. Halla, resulting in an 18-year purification process.

2. Jeju 16 Water has an alkalinity similar to the body’s pH balance (pH7.8, great for body 
    absorption), making it one of the healthiest waters on the market.

3. Jeju 16 Water contains high levels of Mg(Magnesium) and Ca(Calcium) levels which is 
    important for energy metabolism.

4. Celebrities such as Viola Davis, Christina Milian, cast members from Orange is the New 
    Black, Jonathan Cheban, J Woww, Big Ang, and more have been seen drinking Jeju 16 

5.Jeju 16 Water contains beneficial micro components like Vanadium (effective against 
   disease including diabetes) and Silica (effective for arteriosclerosis, anti-aging).

6. Jeju 16 Water customers are those who care about their health, their activities, and their 
    approach to life. They want natural products but also don’t want to overpay for them. Our 
    bottled water is positioned in the market to meet their needs and exceed their 
You know you want to try Jeju 16 water now, don’t you?

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