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50 Strong Water Bottles Holiday Cures

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50 Strong logo water bottles

The Holidays bring so much joy and happiness as we eat, celebrate and gather with family and friends. Also, with the holidays comes a bit of gluttony, hangovers and exhaustion. 50 Strong Water Bottles Holiday Cures. That’s where 50 Strong comes to the rescue and the tool they offer is water bottles. Why?

Eat too much at a gathering? Cure: water

Drink too much and have or anticipate that hangover? Cure: water

Feeling overworked and tired? Cure: water.

water bottle gifts

Water bottles aren’t just a fantastic gift idea for the holidays especially when they come in fun styles like the choices at 50 Strong, they can become a tool of surviving the Holiday overindulgences.

The 50 Strong Foundation  seeks to EMPOWER manufacturing workers to gain further education and training in order to better their workplace and career path; EDUCATE students and teachers on career opportunities available in manufacturing; and INSPIRE others to help change America through manufacturing. So the 50 stands for our own states-in America-that needs these jobs to stay here. Buy from a brand that gives back within its own country here in America.

50 strong water bottles

Some 50 Strong product suggestions

  • Big 36 – Never go thirsty again. This bottle features a modern square top design, holds a whopping 36 oz. and still fits in most cup holders.
  • Insulated – features a bite friendly pull top and a variety of fun designs including holiday themed, patriotic American flag, camouflage and more.
  • Tornado – unique tornado shaped mixing feature creates cyclonic mixing of protein powders, meal replacement shakes and other powders.  It also features a wide mouth opening for thick drinks.

America water bottles

Head on over to 50 Strong and see all of their products and learn more about the company that is proud to be American made.

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