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5 Ways to Start Monetizing Your Blog Today

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This post is not to suggest I write for money. I do not make enough to sustain any decent living as a Blogger. I write to inform my readers about living a healthier lifestyle by providing tips and products relative to that topic. I also aim to educate new Bloggers in ways to improve. As Bloggers, we are always learning, we never do stop learning! Policies and SEO rules change and we have to adapt to changes on the web.
This post is meant to give you insight and tips of how to start earning pennies and dollars because who doesn’t like a little extra spending money in their pockets, right?

Many of you probably already use this. If not, it is easy and hassle free so why not install it? You can cash out at a $100 reach. This can take you a while, but you reach that amount by your readers clicking on your adsense ads on your site. However, you CANNOT require people to click on those ads. You cannot make ‘clicking an adsense ad’ an entry on a giveaway or mention that readers need to click. If Google catches you they will disable your account. So, what’s the trick?
Tip: Place more that one Google Ad near the top of your Blog. I have one in my header AND near the top of my sidebar. If your ad appears above the fold of your page, it makes Google happy! In your adsense account, under My Ads create a header ad AND a sidebar ad of at least 300 width. 
This is a very new-still in Beta site that has the potential to earn you good money very fast by simply sharing pre-written tweets, FB & Linkedin posts on your social sites. You can become a member by invite to start at the 2nd tier. I do have some invites left, so feel free to let me know if you need one. I have been using it regularly and have earned quite a bit. You can share only every 12 hours on each of your social media sites. You are paid for sharing content. 
Tip: I am preparing a Q&A with Kate from Hire Influence post to go live next week so stay tuned for that and many of your questions will be answered in that post. In the meantime, ask for invites, then create your profile and verify your paypal. The verification email can take up to 24 hours to arrive. Once you get that-go connect your sites in the ‘My Assets’ tab then share from your ‘AdvoWire’ Dashboard tab. Remember to ask me for invites-if you register from their home page, you start at basic level. With my invite you jump to Orange level which means more money per share!! I started by accepting an invite myself!
This earns many Bloggers a fun amount of money. Sponsored Tweets is a part of IZEA. Similar to Hire Influence you earn money for posting sponsored tweets. Sign up and set a price-they will suggest a price for you based on your status. That number will change as you become engaged so remember to look at it often and up your price as they suggest.
Tip: The way this works out for your benefit is to get clicks on the sponsors links within the text or retweets. If you are a part of a Blog FB community, you may see sections that support click throughs on links. This is where you’ll ask for others to click on that link. DO not ask for clicks publicly as this is a huge NONO! The more offers you accept and get engagements on, the more you will receive and the more you’ll make with each tweet!
IZEA-Purple Ticket (formally Social Spark)
If you have a Social Spark account, you now NEED to register again on this new IZEA account. Here you will sell yourself to brands who will pay you for your content. Don’t give up on it. Allow yourself to accept little jobs at first because the more you accept and promote, the more invites you will get!
Tip: Like Sponsored Tweets (hence same owners) you are merited and rewarded with more accepted campaigns if you get engagements on the post. This means Click Throughs on the sponsors links you add to the post. IZEA will track those engagements-clicks, shares, visits
Glitter Network is an affiliate account that is so easy to navigate. The complicated sites that do not offer many newsletter/no-hassle campaigns are so hard to generate income from. This network is one that you have to be accepted into. I applied twice before I was accepted. The perk? There are many simple campaigns! This means that your readers do not need to feel harassed or have to sign up for any offers for you to earn. There are campaigns where you can promote a giveaway-anyone who enters from your link in your post, you get paid. Write a short post and add it to your list of open Giveaways on your sidebar for best exposure. My other favorite is BookBub campaign. Everyone loves ebooks. My readers just need to enter an email address-they get free ebook offers and I get paid because they subscribed to that newsletter. Win-Win!
Tip: Keep applying. It is well worth it, then pick campaigns with the least amount of work for your readers. Sneak them into options for giveaway entries,etc…
There you go! Remember, to come back next week to read my Q&A with Kate from Hire Influence to learn more about this brand new site!
I know there are so many more sites I cold have listed-these are my top earners! 
What sites bring you extra income?

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