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5 Uses for the New Dixie Disposable Cutting Boards

This is a promotional post for Dixie

Dixie has done it again! This time they bring disposable cutting boards to our kitchens so we now have less clean-up and a versatile surface space. I love Dixie and the quality of their disposable products and when I was sent these Dixie Disposable Cutting Boards, I began to think so many useful ways I could use these. To toss them away is so much easier than cleaning my cutting board and because the one I use most often is wood, I like these for meats and other high-bacteria foods because I will just toss the germs away with them when I’m done.
Cutting Foods: Cut-resistant. I chopped all kinds of foods for my quiche without breaking the surface
Prep Surface: When the kids are helping in the kitchen, a surface you just toss is much easier
Canvas: Are the kids bothering you as you cook? Hand them a Dixie Disposable Cutting Board and some colored permanent markers! They make fun placemats and the raised edges hold food in!
Serving Tray: These are durable enough to hold your prepared foods and transfer well to parties and gatherings!
Arts and crafts: The raised edges hold art and craft materials well. Hold beads, glitter and more as work away!
Raised edges, durable surface, disposable…Dixie thought of everything! The best part is they are very inexpensive at only $5.99 on Amazon for a 30-pack! 
Find them on Amazon
What will you use your Dixie Disposable Cutting Boards for?

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