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5 uses for the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

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If you are a parent of a child at any age you know that we can’t be right beside them at every moment of the day. There are those times we need to respond to that boiling pot of water while they are outside playing or need to grab a towel downstairs for them when they are sitting in the bathtub. We feel they are best protected when our eyes are on them. Motorola has 2 new great monitors to add to their collection of monitors. They have introduced their MBP867 Digital Video Monitor and MBP854 Baby Video Monitor. These both give stunning images on a wireless tablet so that we still can have our eyes on them when we are not by their sides. 
5 Uses for the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitors
  • Outside Play: Do you like to keep an eye on the kids when they are outside playing? Just move the camera and its long cord to an outdoor platform and you can hear and see them if you cannot be outside with them. I have a large window off our kitchen and if my son is in the backyard I can turn to see him, but I find I am never facing that direction while at my counters and I cannot hear him. Having the monitor in front of me while I chop and bake away lets me keep tabs on him.
  • Bath time: I would never recommend you replace your own eyes and presence with a monitor while young children are in the bath. However, my son is going on 7 and is pretty self-sufficient at bath time but I still want to be able to hear him and keep tabs on him. I can be in the bedroom folding laundry or cleaning up dinner messes and keep the monitor close by as it spies on him for me. It’s pretty fun to hold down the speak button and say to him through the camera “A, don’t turn the water faucet back on!” as he looks around wondering how I just saw him reach for the knobs!
  • Front door: Whether you leave your older kids/teens home or it is the holidays and you expect packages while being alerted to thefts, a video monitor propped indoors is a great deterrent. Your older kids can view who is knocking and at the same time you have eyes on your porch Anyone walking up to take a package or knock for children may think twice if they know they are on video. I even plan on taking this camping as we store the ATV’s outside of the toy hauler and we can set up the camera to deter gas or bike thieves at night. We chain and have locks, but it is extra piece of mind so we can rest after a long day of play!
  • Nanny/Sibling care: Do you work from home, but use a Nanny or sibling to watch your younger children while you bury yourself in your home office? I know families that do and being able to keep an eye on the household as you work can help ease your mind and allow you to concentrate on work. Hear a loud noise downstairs? You can see the view and not have to get up and go check on things. You’ll know your children are being cared for even when you feel miles away behind a closed door.
  • Bedtime: Probably the most precious time is bedtime. However, we all know the suffrage that comes with our baby or toddler hearing our footsteps or seeing our face just as they are winding down. When they are not quite asleep and music stops, we are suddenly left with the most daunting decision ever-Do we walk back in there?! Problem solved with the Motorola digital video monitor. You just pull up the menu, go to lullaby’s and pick a song. The music continues and so does their slumber!

About the Motorola MBP867 Digital Video Baby Monitor

  • Touch controls on tablet screen
  • Camera comes paired to the tablet already
  • Room temperature display (notice the upper left of my photos above)
  • Two-way communication. Press and hold speaker button to talk through camera
  • Infrared night vision (7 high intensity infrared LED’s)
  • Connect multiple cameras and view all on one screen
  • Parent modes-music, volumes, screen brightness, zoom, camera control, take photos from one menu screen
  • SD card slot for capturing photos you can take from video
  • Power saving mode
Our youngest is 6 and we love this monitor. Had I used a video monitor when he was an infant, I never would have gave it away. A monitor like this will last years and even beyond your children’s young phases, this will work great for monitoring your porch for teens home alone or to take camping as I will be doing. 
The Motorola monitors make great gifts for anyone, not just the expecting Mom. With all of these uses, your eyes can be anywhere you need them to be inside, outside and even out of town with you!
Learn more at the Motorola Monitors page
Can you use a Motorola Video Monitor? How would you use it?
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