5 Types of Bacon To Use In All of Your Meals

December 30 is National Bacon Day and what a great time to make you aware of all the bacon options you have to use in your recipes.

With a house full of boys, bacon is its own food group in this home. I actually plan on smoking some tonight for burgers. Enjoy the list below and have fun adding these types of bacon to your National Bacon Day meal!

1. Smoked bacon

This is your standard American bacon that we’re all familiar with. This bacon reminds you of Sunday morning when you’d wake up to the sound of mom banging away in the kitchen and the smell of delicious, fried bacon. A fan favorite, there’s nothing that we’d ever change about this bacon VIP.

2. Pancetta

Feeling a little fancy? Italian bacon — or pancetta — is made of pork belly and isn’t smoked like its American counterpart. Dice it up and throw it in your carbonara or risotto for a slight meaty sweetness that complements any meal!

3. Canadian bacon

Canadian bacon, or back bacon, is usually served in a circular, almost deli meat, type cut. This usually comes from the same cut used to make pork chops and is leaner than American smoked bacon. Canadian bacon has a more ham type flavor and goes great on pizza, sandwiches, and well…anything!

4. Turkey bacon

Ah. So you’re on a diet? Well, no need to feel left out of the bacon goodness. Turkey bacon is delicious! Lower in fat, but packed with a bunch of flavor, turkey bacon helps you watch those calories while still enjoying the magic of pan-fried meat. Just be sure to check the nutrition label as some brands may be higher in sodium.

5. Vegan bacon


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