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5 Tips when shopping for safe beauty products

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5 Tips when shopping for safe beauty products
Whether you have finally decided you need a safer and more natural option for beauty products or because of health issues such as cancer treatments that limit you in the ingredients you are allowed for skin products, CureDiva is such a fantastic online shop. CureDiva has all of the non-toxic safe beauty products you are looking for in one site and it is easily searchable. You can search for such products by product type or by treatment phase.
There are many reasons you would need products with only the safest ingredients and breast cancer treatment phases are one of those times you should only be using certain products on your skin. Not only will you find safe beauty products, but you can shop bras, wigs, clothing, hats, books, compression clothing and more.  It is a community offering breast cancer patients all they need no matter what treatment phase they are in.


CureDiva came up with some tips you want to keep in mind when shopping for safe and non-toxic beauty products:

  • Be gentle with your movements and your moisturizers: Read the label: Use only hypoallergenic products, or those that don’t have harsh ingredients such as acids, emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes or aminesYou want happier, more comfortable skin, so scan your products for these ingredients and restock your supplies with organic, chemical-free and sensitive items. has an entire line of facial natural and organic skin care.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!:To prevent dryness and cracked, uncomfortable skin, be sure to moisturize immediately after washing and toweling dry.

This means:

For your body, apply moisturizer after the bath or shower
For your face, apply moisturizer in the morning and at night
For your hands, moisturize after washing many times during the day
For your lips, use a hydrating lip balm throughout the day
  • Acne at our age? Yes, some chemo treatments can cause acne on the face and scalp. Even if you suffered from acne before, take another look at your old acne ointments. They usually contain salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide and other harsh ingredients that further dry and irritate skin. Try more natural solutions like Acne Clarifying Serum by Nurture my Body and a mild, natural soap.
  • SPF should become more than just an afterthought: Although SPF is used in the summer outdoors, it should become a priority when in treatment. Chemo skin is super sensitive, especially to sun exposure which can cause lasting damage even in the winter. Wear sunscreen whenever you go out, and protect your skin with UV-protective clothing (hats, gloves, long sleeves). With skincare and beauty products, choosing an SPF version is best. While it can be overwhelming to find products that are safe on skin and look and smell great, asking your doctor or a friend who has been through treatment is the best way to receive a referral. Websites like CureDiva.comprovide a great amount of information for those going through treatment to get the answers they need.
  • Fingernail care: Some chemo drugs can cause finger and toenail damage. They become dry, cracked and may start lifting up. Apply cuticle balm and lots of hand cream. Checking out the label is relevant here. Switch to water-based nail color like CureDiva‘s water-based nail polish by Acquarella which is my favorite when I’m dressing up!
I highly encourage you share this with any cancer patient you know as this is such a fantastic site and even though I do not personally know a breast cancer patient, I can’t help but know how amazing this site and community can be for them. The products are quality and the ingredients are safe!
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