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5 tips on perfecting a holiday look this season with Carmex


5 tips on perfecting a holiday look this season with Carmex
‘Tis the season for cookies, trees, shopping, decorating, wrapping, kids excited, Santa visits, grocery shopping, holiday cards and trying to look sane and in tact on the big day! Whether you are heading to Christmas dinner or the New Year’s Eve celebrations, we worked hard enough to enjoy our own pampering. So shove the kids on your spouse or send them to the neighbors, lock your bedroom door and get ready in peace! You deserve it!
ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell has tips to help you out! And while you finish your last minute shopping, don’t forget to pick up your Carmex Moisture Plus! If you are granted one moment of sanity to apply some lip care, you’ll be glad you have it on hand!
1.     Invest in a coat with personality.
Keeping warm shouldn’t mean hiding that cute party dress with drab winter wear. Make a splash before you’ve even reached the coat rack with a leather jacket or a bold (faux!) fur.
2.     Pack a pretty clutch with all the essentials.I like to keep a simple, versatile black clutch stocked with the basics on hand so I don’t forget to switch anything over from my daytime bag. Mine has gum, a mirror, extra ponytail holders and Carmex Moisture Plus to keep my lips protected from the winter elements.
3.     Choose fabrics, colors and cuts that reflect your personal style.If red and green aren’t your thing, don’t feel like you have to stick with the traditional holiday colors just because it’s a holiday party. Have a neon pink blazer you’ve been dying to show off? Rock it! Wearing what makes you feel comfortable is the best way to look beautiful in your own skin.
4.     Don’t overdo accessories – let a few signature pieces pop.Keep your party accessories to a minimum and the ones you wear will stand out that much more. A glittery necklace paired with simple bracelets is a fool-proof combination; add pizzazz to your outfit with surprise accents like a fashion print Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm! 
5.     Let your nails do the talking. Speaking of accents, a festive nail design spices up any look. Right now I’m loving mixing textures in my mani – like this Evergreen nail that pairs glitter and beading! Manicures are a little detail that put the finishing touches on your look and can be switched up as often as you change outfits.
This is a promotional post for Carmex. I have not been compensated.
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