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5 Tips to Get Motivated to Start Walking or Running

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Well, there are about 3 weeks to go in 2016 and perhaps your 2017 goal is to get moving. The start of a new year is always a great time to get motivated to start walking or running. We plan ahead, pick dates and start on our goals. Then life happens. We get a cold and stop moving, never really starting back up again. Or perhaps you stop due to another illness, schedule changes, daylight savings changes, etc…

Whatever your reason for quitting, the start up again is so hard. It is important to stay motivated. Understand that there will be changes, but the right motivation helps you work those changes around your new hobby or regimen.

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Let’s get motivated and stay motivated using these 5 tips:

  1. Find a race in your local area and sign up for it! If you are a beginner stick to a 5K. There are so many that happen in early spring from color runs to holiday and St Patrick runs. Find one, grab a buddy and commit yourself. Now you have a goal and you paid for it so you will stick to it.
  2. Buy yourself a new pair of running shoes. It’s OK! Reward yourself at the start. Once you find a pair of or advanced runners, you will be proud to lace them up and put them to use.
  3. Change it up. You will never stay motivated doing the same route each day. Plan ahead and find a few local trails near your work or home. On Mondays and Thursdays maybe run your neighborhood. Rest on weekends. On the other days, list a new trail each week to run a few times.
  4. Update your playlist. Nothing is more motivating then, putting on those headphones, listening to your favorite music and tuning out the world around you (to a safe extent).
  5. Allow yourself a reward day. Find a day (perhaps a day off or weekend day) to let yourself lose-no running, allow yourself a treat and allow yourself a reward of rest.

So go on, plan today. Find a local race, buy some killer running shoes and start training.

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