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5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Socks

I was sent samples for feature

The first time I had ever heard of a compression sock was while working in a Cardiology office years ago. Our vascular patients would sometimes be prescribed a strength of compression socks and I also know those with diabetes and edema would need such socks so I always thought that’s what compression socks were for.

Then I began a fitness regimen and in my research for some workouts and recovery I would see the mention of compression socks so slowly I realized they are also used for fitness at times. Now that I have been introduced to several brands as a healthy parenting Blogger such as VIM & VIGR, I have found even more reasons anyone would need to wear compression socks.

1.)   These aren’t your grandma’s socks
You don’t have to worry about compromising your style with these compression socks. VIM & VIGR’s socks add charm to any outfit while helping your legs feel more energized and ready to take on the day.
2.)   Shorter recovery from long days on your feet
Spend less time on the mend and get back on your daily grind. Using compression socks after long periods on your feet increases the tissue oxygen recovery rate and has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by 28 percent!
3.)   Multi-task more efficiently
Wearing compression socks helps increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to your legs ­ which means even while relaxing (or at work), you are promoting your health just by getting dressed!
4.)   Smooth sailing (or flying)
Say goodbye to swollen legs at 30,000 feet. Recent studies have concluded that airline passengers who wear compression stockings during flights can significantly reduce their risk of blood clots in the legs as well as prevent leg swelling.
5.)   Your legs will never look better
Compression socks help relieve symptoms and slow the progression of varicose veins.  Bust out your favorite summer dress, gals!


Now compression socks don’t have to be those boring, nylon socks you find hanging on pegs near the pharmacy of drug stores. With brands like Vim & VIGR they want you to wear your socks with any style and any fabric you choose. Be comfortable in your compression socks because no one can tell the difference in the style.

I have the Nylon Women’s Nautical Stripes socks and they are so comfortable with its 400-needle count fabric. They are for mild-moderate compression and work wonders to alleviate aching legs and rejuvenate them.

My husband has the Wool Men’s Straight-Up Argyle compression socks. They look just like his work socks he wears under his slacks and the wool makes them great for winter when he travels to colder areas for work. There is great flexibility in this sock for him, yet still works to energize his legs and alleviate discomforts when on his feet all day.

If you like these designs, you should see them all and make sure to keep an eye out as new styles arrive in the fall of 2016. I love them and it is so great that I can wear a sock I love and it is working for my legs as I wear them.

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