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5 Healthy Home Cleaning Tips & a Sweepstakes

This is a promotional post for Chem Dry on behalf of Niche Parenting. I was provided product. All opinions are 100% my own.

Unless you are a neat freak like me, you may think of spring as a time to deep clean your home. Perhaps it is the time of year you clean out closets, finally get the holiday decor back in the attic, shampoo carpets or clean those kitchen cupboards out. Those like me do this a few times a year. When I am preparing my home with a fresh start, the last thing I want is to start off with chemicals and harmful cleaning products that are laying on surfaces my kids come in contact with. Chem-Dry offers such products that is safe for your family and the environment so you can have a healthier clean. With some tips on cleaning healthier, you can take the worries out of the effects those cleaning supplies will have on your family.
5 Healthy Home Cleaning Tips
  1. Removing urine stains with PURT: (Pet Urine Removal Treatment): Did you know many cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals only mask the odor? Pet urine is powerful and will not only soil the surface, but travel through layers of your flooring creating an odor that always stays. PURT is a treatment Chem-Dry uses that goes to the molecular level and destroys the urine crystals for an odor-free environment and better elimination of urine.
  2. Area Rugs need special attention. These rugs see a lot of traffic and many cleaners used for these special fabrics actually leave dirt-attracting residue. Chem-Dry has products safe for all types of rugs PLUS they use a drying process that does not leave residue. You may spray and clean those rugs, but they are holding on a lot of grime still if you are using the wrong product!
  3. Your tile and stone grout can be a magnet for bacteria. Porous grout is very difficult to clean and if not done often enough and properly, your floors and walls can become a bacteria breeding ground and who is crawling all over those floors? Chem-Dry uses a suction treatment that blasts grime from the grout and then a sealant protects the tiles and stone further.
  4. Your leather is holding body oils! As leather wears (as it will if not treated often), those spots of frequent use will actually hold onto body oils from those using the furniture. That leaves the little ones and pets jumping and playing around worn, unsanitized leather furniture which is not healthy. Chem-Dry agents will inspect your leather and use a special pigmentation that perfectly matches your leather to restore it to new again. 
  5. Your upholstered furniture is holding allergens! These fabrics hold dust, allergens and dirt and because we spend so much time on this furniture, harsh chemicals is not what we like to leave behind after a cleaning. Chem-Dry uses The Natural as they do with their carpet products. These are tiny bubbles working away to eat through the grime that is safe and non-toxic. It leaves a sanitized and protected surface for you and your family.
Chem-Dry Spring Cleaning Sweepstakes

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