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5 Facts About a Blogger

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What is a Blog? It is a site that has a focus and within that focus is useful information for you! Too vague? Describing a Blog can be a bit complicated so instead how about 5 fun Blogger facts for you?

Fact #1-We do not Blog just to get free stuff
Many friends and family say “I should Blog-you get a lot of free stuff and perks!” Well, those free stuff and perks come with a cost. What is the cost? Time! It takes a well-written Blog post roughly 20 minutes to write and insert images, guidelines and you can add more time if you are setting up Giveaway widgets for that post if a giveaway is included. Once a post is written, we move on to step 2! Getting the word out! We insert that post into social media platforms multiple times. I feel it is safe to say that 1 post for a sponsor could take from opening the package-learning about the contents and company so you have a thorough review-writing the post-gathering and adding images into the post and sharing it is a total of well over 2 hours! (My husband would say much higher amount of my time)

Fact #2-We are not sitting down tweeting & facebook sharing those posts every second of the day
I have been asked more than once if I ever leave the computer and the answer is I do-the majority of the day. So why can you see my tweets, facebook and other social media posts on the most recent all day long? We use a scheduling system. There are many out there and I use Hootsuite. Every post I write gets scheduled to send out on my social media at dates & times I choose (remember the time I said it takes to share my posts after they are written?). We write a post-schedule it in our social media sharing account and that platform does all the tweeting and posting for us.

Fact #3-We come at a price-We are valuable
If it has ever come up in conversation about money I have made Blogging I get some odd looks sometimes. Many know I get products, but get paid? Yes! Blogging is like a part-time job for me (a full-time for some). The more we post and plug our sites and posts in by joining communities of other Bloggers or platforms of social media channels, we get more and more visitors to our site. The more visitors we get, the better ratings our site has in many ways in the web-o-sphere! The better those ratings, Google and other affiliates know we have many visitors that will see our posts and page. We may be asked to place ads on our sidebars that we are paid to run-more visitors to our site-the more we are paid. We may also write a post for a brand that has no item to send us, but instead seeks us out for a sponsored post. A sponsored post means we were ‘hired’ or paid! So, that is just a few ways we get paid by having you simply keep returning. So keep returning and click on some ads for us-thanks!

Fact #4-We are a family
In the first fact I mentioned that we join communities to help share our posts out there in the web. Those communities consist of other Bloggers like me. I have a few groups I visit every morning. My posts that went live are plugged in to these groups I belong to and we share and comment on each other’s sites and posts. I can have many other Bloggers sharing my post all over social media and in return I share theirs. I may respond to a blogger’s call to join in on a giveaway event or campaign and we work together to put it out there for you. Sometimes we have a blogger in difficult times-we are quick to help out in any way. We are like distant relatives that never see each other, but when a call for help is made or a question needs answered or a post needs attention-we all run to the rescue and we know we will be rewarded in return as a courtesy or simply by being able to connect and meet someone new from far away.

Fact #5-We do write honest reviews
With every post we write for a review, we have already been in communication with the brand. We have worked out a price for any paid posts and have received our product from them. Before we agree to work with them, we research them a bit and ask around if we have questions. If we are having bad communications, we reach out in our Blog communities to see if others have had issues. We really work hard to make sure we don’t get ourselves into a brand that may cause spam or chaos for our readers. Have I ever had a good relationship with a brand and the  disliked a product when it arrives? Not often, but I have. If it is defective, I will communicate with the brand to make things right. If I am committed to a post, I may just stay away from so much of my experiences so not to lie and simply state the facts about the product. Then I may say something about who I think the product would cater to or not. Sort of a nice way of saying-maybe it doesn’t fit me, but very much can fit you!

So there are some facts for you if you have ever wondered the answers to these questions or thoughts. I do not speak to every Blogger. I only speak to those I know offer fair and hard work as publishers. I speak of those of us that take our Blogs seriously and not every Blogger does. I have to say that in my experience, most Bloggers are very fair and we all work our behinds off to bring you information that we know will keep you coming back. We are writers, organizers and publishers. The greatest reward of all are positive comments on our posts. Let us know you were there!

Are you a Blogger? Did I leave any obvious statements out? I am sure I did, but didn’t want to make it a 10 page post!

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