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5 Educational Children’s Books that are fun to read

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5 Educational Children's Books that are fun to read
One of my favorite features on my blog are my Children Book Reviews. As a daughter of a school teacher, Mother of 3 boys and PTA President & school employee I value reading. My son is to read 20 minutes M-F for homework in the second grade yet I have him reading daily and 20 minutes is a minimum. I love to find books so fun and engaging that the kids hardly know they are learning. Nancy Guettier accomplishes this in her 5 educational books that are fun to read.
About the Author
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Nancy Guettier, an emerging author of children’s books, is committed to inspiring and encouraging kids to enjoy learning new things. With a background of more than 25 years in the children’s industry, Nancy has provided retail visual merchandising for Gapkids™ and BabyGap™. She currently holds the position of VP of Visual Merchandising for Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen™.
After adopting her three children, Nancy was inspired to write books that are not only appealing and whimsical, but that also provide educational content. Most importantly, she feels strongly about offering kids the opportunity to learn about new topics. Visit

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Open up to new things and step outside of your comfort zone as Roy G. Biv convinces Genevieve to love more than just one color.


Mermaids on Mars
Kids can learn the importance of conserving water as they take a journey with the Mermaids on their move from Mars to earth.
Circus in the Sky
The night sky is so fascinating and kids can learn all about it in this whimsical book.
Jude’s Moon
Learn about the different phases of the moon with Jude.
I Wish
In this book the value of a best friend is featured in this newest book.

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